ZON is coming!

ZON releases on JUNE 22nd

You can preorder for $2.99. Release day price will be $3.99, so there's a little deal there. :)

This is a new generation, and a brand new saga. There is no need to read the BEYOND series. However, for readers of the series, you will enjoy this continuation of the epic science fiction adventure from USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller!

Zon doesn't have superpowers. If anything, he's a bit of a klutz. He is a product of blended cultures, with a father from the planet, Ziratak, and a mother from Earth.

The legend of the Temple of the Monarch has been passed down for generations through Ziratakian folklore. Its gate is allegedly marked by a series of globes. Zon knows of a cave with colorful globes that exists high on the mountaintop. Could it be the fabled temple gate?

When he and his trusty droid sidekick, JOH, accidentally trigger the spheres into motion...they expose a portal to different worlds. 

One of Zon's trips through that portal lands him on Earth. Although he is half earthling, the planet is still foreign to him–as is the first human he encounters–a young woman with challenges of her own.