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SURPRISE! I was able to sneak in a new release just in time for the holidays!  JUNGLE AGENDA is the first in a trio of HIGH-RISK AGENDA books. Each book will be standalone. No cliffhangers! They will feature the trials and tribulations of a group of archeologists that are all introduced in JUNGLE AGENDA . These books can be classified as Adventure-Romance. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark , but with a touch more romance. In JUNGLE AGENDA, we meet Mitch Hasslet, a definite hapless hero. He's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before he knows it, he's joining up with an archeological dig in the Guatemala, and trying to cajole the extremely intense, Professor Alexandra Langley into letting him stay with her group. "Alex" has serious trust issues. Not specific to men. Her lack of trust knows no bounds. But trust Mitch, she must. ( I sound like Yoda ). This book was once released as JUNGLE OF DECEIT years ago, but it was archived and rewritten in preparation for the HIG

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