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A common misperception is that authors are wealthy. Yes, there are a handful, maybe more, that have truly achieved mega-star status. You know them—those go-to names that you see in the food store, the airport stands—cameos on their own movie sets. In truth, many authors make just enough to get by. Many more write because it is their passion—a passion that requires one, two, even three jobs to support.
Everyone is suffering during this virus. Many are struggling over loss of jobs, furloughs. Many thought they faced challenges before, but now those trials seem Herculean. Some of those who have been hit were right on the cusp of greatness.
Just before the virus struck, my husband and I went on a trip to Nashville. Honky Tonk Row was packed with venue after venue brimming with aspiring performers. We slipped down a side street, and I literally stopped in my tracks at the sound of a voice spilling out of one small bar. We went into that bar, and we watched that man play his guitar and sing f…

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