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RAPID AGENDA - First Glimpse

Hi all. RAPID AGENDA , the second book in the HIGH-RISK AGENDA series will be out on April 30th. It's now available for pre-order. To give you a glimpse of this romantic adventure in the Guatemalan jungle, I have this excerpt to share! RAPID AGENDA Copyright @2021 Maureen A. Miller All rights reserved. Belize City. Nearly three years had passed since he was last here. Red tape. Politics. Authorities. There were a host of obstacles to prevent his return, but now Chuck Borgas was back. It was bittersweet in a manner of speaking. Last time he was here, he was a graduate student escorting a team of archeology students across the border into Guatemala to work for the esteemed Professor Alexandra Langley.  That had gone to hell quickly. Now, he was a colleague of Alexandra’s—co-curators for the Museum of Historical Art and Antiquities. Shortly after that debacle three years ago, Alexandra returned to Guatemala with her husband and discovered the potential site of the lost city she had

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