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Giveaway Alert!

Congratulations to "Katrina D", the winner in the DISTANT MEMORY giveaway!
It's release day for DISTANT MEMORY!

Did you ever have one of those dreams that comes back...every night?

That is Hollie Musgrave's plight in DISTANT MEMORY.

Dreams have always fascinated me. In fact, the dream that Hollie Musgrave experiences in DISTANT MEMORY stems from a dream I had repeatedly during my childhood...always of the same farmhouse, yet no one in the family could identify the place that I described.

It wasn't a nightmare. It wasn't scary. But, let's talk about nightmares. Do you get nightmares after watching a scary movie? I'm not sure that I do. It's when I'm trying to go to sleep after a scary movie that I have the toughest time. I hear every little sound in the house and, just like my dog, believe each sound to be a demon from the Hellmouth coming to get me.

Fortunately, there are no demons or Hellmouths in DISTANT MEMORY. There are dreams, th…

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