The Force Is With Us

We still have a few months until that magical day that the new STAR WARS movie is released. I happened to see the trailer again this week. My skin got all goosed up. And yes, by the end of that 1:59 teaser, I had more than a few tears in my eyes. That might be an acceptable reaction if it was the first time I saw the trailer, but no...I'm guessing if I hit PLAY again, I'd react about the same each time. 

So why?  Why can a two-minute trailer of a movie have such an epic affect and reduce me to a pile of dribble? There have been many grand movies in our lifetimes, movies more critically acclaimed. What is it about STAR WARS?

It's the Force.

As Luke states in the trailer..."My father has it, I have it, my sister has it...and now you have it."

Well Luke, we have all watched you grow. We had our trading cards, our models, our sleeping bags, our dreams, and now I can honestly say, "My mother had it, I had it, my brother had it...and now my nieces have it." The Force is strong in us.

STAR WARS wasn't a movie. It was a world we all escaped to. A world with characters who truly became family. (And no, I'm not talking about those Jar-Jar Binks movies) There are quotes we utter without even know we're quoting a movie. It's instinctual. These aren't the droids you're looking for. And the music. That music! When the first strains came on in the trailer, the tears were already forming. Hearing that haunting tune in the beginning of the trailer immediately transports you back to a time when the Force was so strong. So much excitement. Bonds with friends. Bonds with family. This was STAR WARS! A time when you could say to your mother, "Mom, I can't possibly come to the dinner table, I'm battling the Imperial Storm Destroyer!" And she would say, "Oh!" and grab an X-wing fighter and join you. 

It was the frustration every time the Millennium Falcon didn't jump to light speed. I think my fingers went through my palms, my fists were so tight. It was the sheer impact of the last ten minutes of Empire Strikes Back. Right along with Luke we vaulted from our childhood into some grim reality where Darth Vader shocked the hell out of us and Han Solo was taken away. You can't take Han Solo away! He can't be frozen in carbonite forever! I think I walked around like a zombie when that movie ended.

And today, how long has passed since you saw STAR WARS? A week, a year, a decade, several decades? If someone put a blinder on you, could you not identify the sound of a light saber?

No matter what this new movie holds, good or bad, I'm cherishing the memories it evokes. I'm cherishing the feelings it stirs. The Force is strong in me.

Where were you when you first saw the original STAR WARS? In the movie theater? On VHS? On DVD?


  1. Long, Long ago...
    before the time of VCRs, DVRs, cable television or on-demand.
    I stood in line at least 17 times to see STAR WARS at a one screen theater in Denton, Texas. It was the only movie that showed at that theater all summer. I was in awe every single time the ship appeared to be flying over my head.

    Yes, I can recognize the sound of a light saber.
    Yes, I have most of the dialogue memorized.
    Yes, I just re-watched the entire set (6 movies) after seeing the trailer on the day it came out.
    Yes, I've listened to the interviews.
    Yes, I still have half a crush on Mark Hamill.
    And YES !! I. CAN'T. WAIT.

  2. That's my girl!
    It may be the first time ever that I'll have to wear something STAR WARS-ey to the movie theater. Maybe a couple of crullers tied to my ears. :)


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