What's Your Favorite Movie?

Okay. Everyone always asks that question.  But can you answer it without hesitation, or do you have to toss a few around before you come up with a decision?

Mine is definitely JAWS. Without a doubt. It will never be surpassed. I don't even hesitate when I pick my favorite scene from the movie.

Chief Brody has had a bad day. A really bad day. Hooper shows up with a bottle of wine. Note in this picture that there is still some iced tea left in Roy Scheider's glass.  In the scene, he proceeds to pour that bottle of wine into the same glass, mixing it with the iced tea and nearly filling it to the top.  He then offers his wife and Hooper a mere shot-full each in their respective wine glasses. The man has had a bad day. :)

Famous movie lines also come to mind. "You're gonna need a bigger boat," is right up there. There are others that I'm sure I'm missing. "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?" "Luke, I am your father." (which actually was never said...) "Yo, Adrienne." "Frankly Scartlett, I don't give a damn." 

Any HOUSE fans out there?  When that show signed off, it always showed Bad Hat Harry Productions. This was actually a scene from JAWS with Chief Brody talking to one of Amity's fine citizens.

Okay, now the next popular movie question....which movie makes you cry the most?  Perhaps this one will surprise you. Again, without hesitation I will respond, A Walk To Remember.

Heck, I get dribbly-eyed just typing the name. Of course the whole movie is depressing, but the scene that gets me the most is when the son learns that his estranged father is paying for the health care facility for his dying girlfriend. At this point the boy is so despondent he is stripped of all pride. He shows up on his father's doorstep and just hugs him and starts crying.  And then father starts crying...and then I start crying. It's a mess.

Do you have any definitive movie favorites? Movies that you don't even have to think about when people ask you these questions?


  1. French Kiss without hesitation "Why weren't you the one, Charlie? The one who turned on this big shiny Kate-light that burns so bright?" Or Galaxy Quest "Never give up. Never surrender."

  2. A Walk to Remember, aye? My younger sister dies every time she watches it. She would probably agree with you. Me, I don't think I have ugly cried in any movie like I ugly cried watching "The Impossible" (Naomi Watts) or "Courageous".

    As far as favorite movies.... that's a hard one for me to answer. I like to many (really, I have a problem). But if you made me pick, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. No, wait, Wizard of Oz. Okay, maybe Pearl Habor, Josh Hartnett sure is pretty. Speaking of him, if AWTR did you in, try "Here on Earth".

  3. Galaxy Quest...whoah, Gayle, that just took me back! :) And Miss Amanda, you pose a good argument. It's hard to deny Christmas Vacation as being a viable contender. "Can't see the lines, can you, Russ?"

  4. Thank you, Maureen. My favorite film is "Somewhere in Time". The only time I ever cried at the movies was towards the end. For the sake of those who haven't seen it yet, I won't say what happens.

  5. Mary Anne, that was such a pretty movie. I wanted to stay in that hotel.


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