First Memories

How far back can you remember?  I have snapshots in my head. Images that were seen through my eyes but that contain no cohesive memories to go with them.

My first full-blown memory is one born from sheer panic.  I was four, or possibly still in my late threes. Quite simply, I fell into the toilet. As I was later told by family, we were visiting someone else's house. I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and my little butt fell right in, and I was stuck.  

That was probably the last time that my rear-end was small enough to manage such a feat! :) 

Anyway, I don't remember what the bathroom looked like, or what color paint was on the walls. I just remember that sensation of my legs being stuck and trying to scoot myself out of my predicament.

I believe once you turn four or so, the memories start flooding in. Often they are there, but don't emerge unless triggered by something. Smell is a big factor. To this day I can remember the way my great-grandmother's house smelled. No other house anywhere will ever have that distinct scent...and with that scent comes the rush of memories.

Last night I heard the song, MORE THAN A FEELING by Boston. Immediately I was morphed to Panama City Beach. I was probably around seven at the time. My mother must have been distracted because I somehow got onto the Bobsled ride all by myself. To this day I remember every sense about those few moments of sheer independence. I remember the music. It was so loud. I remember the mountains painted on the wood, flashing by every few seconds. I remember the wind, and I remember the tug of the ride pulling me back into my seat.  That's all I remember. I don't remember if I got yelled out afterwards, but I remember the rush.

What are some of your earliest, most vivid recollections?


  1. I remember falling down a flight of wooden stairs…the traumatic stuff sticks. (and to this day I'm afraid of heights, lol)

    I remember riding a camel with my uncle…and it spitting in my face.

    And like you, I remember exhilaration -- for me it was finally swinging high enough on my swing set to see over the fence that enclosed the yard.

  2. My earliest memory is like yours, one around the age of 4 and one of total panic. I remember waking up. I was laying in a bed that was up against a wall and I was facing it. When I opened my eyes there was a lady bug on the wall right in front of my face. It scared me to pieces. I also remember being in a car seat with my blanket and at stopping at this alien space ship during the night. My mom later explained it was on our move from VA to OH and it was only a gas station.

  3. But, Jen...did you spit back?
    I fell on the escalator in a department store. For years afterwards my parents had to physically pick me up and place me on the first step of an escalator. I wouldn't bridge the gap. :)

    Your memories spurred on BEYOND, Amanda. :)

  4. Alas, I have no memories of my childhood. I have no idea why.

  5. Because you're still young, my dear. :)

    1. Haha... yeah right!

      It does leave plenty of room for new memories, though. :)


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