Weighing In On Wind Chimes...

Do you like them or hate them?

I am one of those rare authors who doesn't like to listen to music when she's writing.  Music to me has the oh, shiny thing effect. What if I'm immersed deep in a murder scene and suddenly Midnight Train to Georgia pops on?  I'd have to jump up, wrap a scarf around my neck, grab my pen to use as a microphone...and go all diva for two minutes. Then I would sit back down to complete the crime scene.  No, that won't work.

So back to wind chimes.  The best sound for me to write to is rain. It soothes me. I find the sound of wind chimes haunting and very atmospheric.  But here's the thing, the wind chimes have to be on someone else's property. If they were hanging outside my window they would probably irritate the hell out of me and I'd have to wear earmuffs. But in the distance they provide just the right touch.

Can you see me walking up to a neighbor's door a few blocks away and saying, "Can you please hang these wind chimes up for me?" :)


  1. Had you said Rainy Night in Georgia, I'd be in full agreement with you.

  2. I am like you, when I am truly hard at work I can't listen to music. I can't focus, however wind chimes irritate the hell out of me all the time. Thinking about the sound they make takes me straight to the movie Twister ... all foreshadowing of the Midwest brew about to come.


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