Hi all.  I have a #TuesdayTeaser excerpt from BEYOND to share with you!

What if you just woke up and found out you weren't in Kansas anymore? Well, okay, in this case Aimee wakes up to find she's not in North Carolina anymore.

“She’s coming out of it.” A woman’s voice intruded on Aimee’s bad dream. At least she hoped it was a bad dream. Maybe she’d hit her head and this was the voice of a pleasant nurse in the emergency room. Wouldn’t Carrie laugh at the dream?

Aimee’s eyes opened. A woman with long blonde hair and wide violet eyes was watching her. She looked exotic and beautiful, dressed in the same silver uniform Aimee had seen before—but this woman’s figure did the costume justice. Her expression was tender and sympathetic. She smiled down at Aimee and Aimee felt her eyes well up. All she wanted right now was to tell Carrie about the bad dream. 

“I want to go home,” she choked out.

The woman made a tsking sound and touched her arm.

“I know you do. It was a terrible mistake that has placed you here, but we cannot go back there yet.”

Aimee sat up. She was back on the bed, and knowing the windows were behind her, she fought the urge to turn around. If she didn’t look, then perhaps this was all a mistake. But she could no more ignore the windows than she could ignore the fact that a computer monitor hovered in midair alongside the woman, suspended just out of her reach.

A dream. A bad dream is all this was. She was no longer scared to look out the windows, because quite honestly, none of this was real. Aimee gave this dream woman and her ridiculous floating monitor a big smile as she hefted off the bed and started towards the Plexiglas wall. Her steps faltered, even in slumber. Earth’s glowing surface was no longer there. 

Recognizing that this was a dream, nonetheless, she ran up to the window and leaned her forehead against a surface that had no temperature. Stars now held proximity to her. Some were closer than others. Their pulsing rhythm took on a substance…mass. 

“It’s gone.” Aimee whispered, twisting her head in search of the familiar planet. 

Don’t panic. You’ll wake up soon.

“Yes,” The woman joined her at the window. 

Aimee cut a quick sideways glance at her and noticed that the bobbing computer had been left behind. Her dreams weren’t normally this imaginative. 

“We had to make a hasty departure,” the woman explained, her tone clipped, but kind. “We didn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention from your military.”

Playing along with the hallucination, Aimee asked, “Who are you?”

“I am Chara.” The woman smiled. “You are in shock. We have given you some serum to ease that. I should be able to answer any of your questions now.”

The impulse to laugh was there again and Aimee felt lightheaded. They’d drugged her. That was good. She couldn’t imagine how freaked out she would be if they hadn’t drugged her. Wait, drugs were bad. Her sluggish mind had trouble keeping up.

She leaned against the glass pane, or some clear substance that resembled glass. Whatever this transparent barrier was, it was the only thing to separate her from the black void of space. It felt as if she leaned far enough she could simply float away.

Was that another planet?


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