Dangerous Dozen a USA TODAY Bestseller!

Some exciting news to share!  DANGEROUS DOZEN, the 12-book Romantic Suspense anthology that I am part of has just hit the USA TODAY Bestseller's List!

Here's me finding out the news!
So what did I do to celebrate?  Well, I haven't done so yet, but there won't be any cooking tonight! (I'm always looking for an excuse to get out of that!)

How did we make the bestseller list? READERS! Awesome readers!  Throw in a collaboration of NY Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors who are uber-talented, and then add a ton of hard work and dedication. 

Also, after my grandmother got tired of chasing Mickey Rooney around up there, she probably walked over to the big guy and said, "listen, can you help my granddaughter out..."

Thank you, Grandma. Thank you, everyone!

DANGEROUS DOZEN - 12 romantic suspense books for only .99 cents for a limited time!


  1. Congratulations! That's so totally awesome and yes, you deserve a night off from cooking.

  2. LOL. I'll use the fact that it's cloudy out as an excuse to get out of cooking. :) Thanks so much, Deb. Now it's your turn. :)

  3. Congrats, Maureen and all the other authors! Well deserved! I can't wait to read more of the stories in it. :)


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