It is here! The third installment in the BEYOND series, THREE PATHS is now available!

When I wrote BEYOND, I thought it would be a fun adventure. A teenager takes her dog for a walk and suddenly gets picked up by an alien spaceship. At first it seemed a comical concept to me. But for poor Aimee, who suddenly finds herself in outer space--she didn't see the comedy in it. She was a fighter, though.  She didn't curl up in a ball and cry (as I probably would have done). Even at the age of seventeen, she proved to be resourceful and stubborn. 

As BEYOND was coming to a close, I realized that Aimee's adventure couldn't possibly be over.  She was in love with a gorgeous warrior. How could I, the big bad author, leave these literally star-struck lovers apart? Aimee had to go back and find the man she loved. TWO SUNS was a rough journey for both of them. And now it is time for Zak to experience life on Earth.  THREE PATHS takes me back to my roots, as it is more of a romantic suspense novel than science fiction.  We will call it Romantic Suspense, where two of the characters just happen to be from another planet. Heck, we all have aliens living next door to us, right? 


Aimee Patterson is coming home...but this time she is not alone.

After spending years in space on an alien ship, Aimee Patterson is finally coming home. But this time she is not alone. Her lover Zak wants to meet her parents, and her friend Raja wants to experience life on Earth. Both get more than they ever bargained for.

Within days of being on Earth, Raja is caught up in an FBI sting operation. She is intrigued by Special Agent Craig Buchanan, but things go horribly wrong. Raja is faced with a dilemma. Save Agent Buchanan’s life or risk revealing her true identity.

It was supposed to be an innocent trip to Earth.... now Aimee, Zak, and Raja are fugitives of the ultimate kind.


  1. Congrats, Maureen! I went out and snatched my copy from Barnes & Noble today! I am looking forward to another adventure with Aimee and Zak. So happy for you!

  2. Thank you so much, Amy! I truly appreciate that, and I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Congratulations on the release of Beyond Three Paths, Maureen! Wishing you and the new book much success.

  4. Thank you so much, Miss Vicki. Merry Christmas to you.


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