Something you might not know about me is that in my former life (fresh out of school), I was a travel agent.  One of my first "fam" trips (they call them familiarization trips) was to Hawaii. Imagine me, the recluse, thrown in with a group of 20 travel agents I don't know...even having to share a room with one of them! Well, it's amazing how a couple of pina coladas can bring strangers together. :)  

We went to the Halekulani at night to watch a performance by the pool.  The maitre d' saw 20 women, and immediately placed us in the farthest recesses of the area so as not to be seen by their patrons. Hey, it was only two pina coladas! Well, we spoke up and stated that we were travel agents there to evaluate the property. Ding Ding Ding! Suddenly, we were moved to the front table before the stage. LOL

On this trip, I climbed Haleakulu (in a minivan). Did you know that they wake you at 4am so that you can watch the sun rise atop a volcano crater?  Did you know that they ask you to take the blankets from your hotel bed with you because who the heck goes to Hawaii prepared for 30 degree weather atop a volcano at 5am??? Did you know that the drive to the top of the volcano is filled with enough twists and turns that they hand out crackers because they anticipate that you will throw up?  But hey, it really was beautiful when the sun came up.

Pina coladas aside, my drink of choice in Hawaii was Kona coffee. OH MY GOD...it was perfect. I had hit the coffee mecca.  Sitting on a lovely Hawaiian beach, I was drinking coffee! Hot coffee! What a freak.

Anyway, the islands stuck with me, and their tale manifested into HIGH TIDE.

Wanna get away?

U.S. Geological Survey expert, Nick McCord, cannot account for the strange phenomenons plaguing the Windward coast of Oahu. Breaking waves on a windless shore. Dead fish washing up on the sand. The only viable culprit for these anomalies is the new housing development, Manale Palms, and its attractive contractor, Briana Holt. Try as he might to find blame with Briana and her site, the truth remains a mystery. 

Briana Holt portrays herself to the outside world as a woman in charge. In reality she is burdened with insecurities, and one of those insecurities is over six-feet tall. Intent on defending her property from Nick's suspicions, she starts to dig deep into the peculiar episodes along the coast. 

Nick and Briana's mutual curiosity makes them allies, and their mutual attraction makes them lovers. Now, as they narrow in on the source of the mystery, they find themselves in a struggle to protect the coast...and their lives. 

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  1. Looks like a great read!

  2. Aloha! I love Hawaii and, anything by Maureen A. Miller so this sounds like a must read. Can't wait.

  3. Sounds great and if like your other books I've read I know I will love it. Good luck Miss Maureen and sell zillions. x

  4. Thanks guys! Do you know what the one problem with Hawaii was for me? I HATE pineapple. HATE it. And everything there has pineapple in it. ...except the coffee. :)

  5. What an amazing experience sitting atop a volcano crater to watch the sun rise. I bet it was spectacular.

    The cover and blurb for HIGH TIDE really pop. Wishing you much success with new release. :)

  6. Thanks, Miss Vicki. Gosh, you see more beautiful things where you are every day! :)


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