Science Fiction?

Science Fiction from a romantic suspense author? What is she thinking?

As authors, we are branded...kind of like cattle. :)  I have a big RS stamp on my rump. And yet, I dared to venture into a different pasture and write science fiction. But how far did I stray, really? 

Aimee Patterson is accidentally taken from her back yard by a nomadic spaceship and whisked away on an adventure in the stars. She visits another planet. She battles alien creatures. She learns new cultures...where's the Romantic Suspense?

Zak. Need I say more? 

Romantic Suspense criteria:

  • Good looking guy - check!
  • Mutual attraction and tension - check!
  • Suspense and danger around every corner - check!

Romantic tension can take place in Chicago, Paris, or the planet Ziratak.  It's all relevant, right? :)

BEYOND was written solely in the point of view of Aimee, however TWO SUNS introduces Zak's thoughts. For such a dark and damaged guy, he actually has moments of wit and humor. LOL

What happens when one of your favorite authors ventures to another pasture? Does it alarm you? Do you try to corral them back into their pen?