Remember The Gas Crisis?

Having family in New Jersey, it's been hard to watch helplessly from a distance. Communication has been a battle without there being land-line or cell service. But I did just speak to Dad and he said, "Remember the gas crisis of '73?"

Well...errrr...yes...sorta. I was a little squirt at the time, but I do remember that I thought it was odd. And in the infinite wisdom of youth, I thought it was a pain in the butt.  We had to sit in a mile-long line waiting for the gas station. With it being a small town, that line meandered up and down side streets.  They were only allotting something like $3.00 per car per visit.  But Dad had a long commute to work, so we would get our $3.00 of gas and drive around the corner and get back into that long line to get $3.00 more. 

I was in the back seat and Dad reached around to plunk down a hat on my head. Then he'd put a baseball cap on his.  Surely the gas station attendant would never recognize the father/daughter tandem again because we had hats on!

Anyway, that's what Dad was reporting it was like up in New Jersey right now. Perhaps with Halloween having just passed, maybe he is equipped with enough disguises now.

My prayers go out to everyone in the areas affected by Sandy. Be strong. Be safe. I am thinking about you.