BEYOND - Excerpt

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“What is it, Zig?” she whispered.

At first she saw nothing.  The darkness was a void barely penetrated by the waning sunlight at her back.  Yet, there was something.  A light.  A reflection.  Something.  A hum.  Definitely a hum.  Not the wind.  Not a motor.  It sounded like the oscillating fan in her bedroom window. 

Aimee squinted.  She swore for a moment that they weren’t even trees overhead and that it was the massive underbelly of a giant vessel.  A spaceship parked atop the forest, obliterating any sunlight.  She rolled her eyes.  Space ships and aliens lurking beyond the Patterson property. 

“Come on, Zig.” she muttered, kicking herself mentally. “Neither of us belong here.  We’re just spooked.”

Ziggy cocked his head and emitted a low growl.  For a moment Aimee wasn’t sure whether he was going to dart deeper into the woods or just stand there barking like an insane puppy.  But he surprised her.  Ziggy, the traitor, took off back towards the pond like a herd of rabid Rottweilers were chasing him.

“Coward!” she yelled, turning to follow.  “You could at least wait for me.”

At least she’d meant to turn.  She’d also meant to follow.  Aimee couldn’t move.  If she’d done what she’d meant to do, she’d be walking nice and easy back around the pond, but she wasn’t.
She thought for a moment that her muscles were locked in spasm from the two laps around the track during gym today, but her hands and arms were paralyzed.  She tried to clench her fingers into a fist and could feel perspiration bead on her forehead from the effort.  She was motionless.

What the hell?

Even her lips could not move to speak those three words.

Light materialized around her as if someone had switched on a spotlight from above.  She tried to squint against the vivid assault, but even her eyelids were frozen in place.   Instead, all she could do was watch as the light grew brighter, bright enough that she could see through her hands.  That freaked her out.  Her hands were transparent, and she could see through them to the mottled leaves on the ground below. 
The hum intensified and she began to feel lightheaded.    

One lurch of her stomach and she felt nothing at all.