Spring Facelift

Perhaps I'm being a little overzealous proclaiming this as a 'Spring' face lift, but the sun is out...surely that counts as a sign of Spring? :)

Recently, the WIDOW'S TALE cover underwent a little nip and tuck, something you would probably not even notice. I am a fan of that lighthouse, and I can picture Serena Murphy standing behind the window upstairs, probably saying something like, "OMG, there's a ghost in my house!" LOL!

A bigger metamorphosis was to BORROWED TIME. Aside from the new cover, the book itself has gone through some changes. I'll be the first to admit that it contained "too much information". Now it is a much quicker and enjoyable read about a beautiful engineer fighting to protect her savant brother.
With these little tweaks complete, it now frees up time to get back to work on the next romantic suspense novel. It is set in Maine, but has no relation to WIDOW'S TALE or ENDLESS NIGHT and the fictional town of Victory Cove. The heroine can often be caught carrying around a bucket of fish heads. 

Nothing says glamour like a bucket of fish heads!