Is It Dangerous Being A Romantic Suspense Author?

The question came up on JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE..."Is there danger involved in being a Romantic Suspense author?"

Given the nature of the beast there will be danger in researching the suspense aspects of the book. I was recently invited to go to a shooting range for a better understanding of the mechanics of a gun. Taking into account that I have zero percent coordination, it was in my best interests to NOT handle a gun and stick to the old-fashioned method of research. I also try to avoid personal interviews with anyone that might remotely resemble Hannibal Lecter. 

It is dangerous for a suspense writer to become too immersed in their work. We all need to sit back at some point, eat a cookie, stare out the window at the sunny day, and remind ourselves that we are not knee-deep in mayhem. 

But as you are typing, and your heroine is walking down a street at night, and the sound of a boot striking blacktop sneaks up behind them...who's nerves are elevated at that point? Your heroine? As real as you make her, she is still a character on paper. It is you who hears that boot. And that is no different for the reader. The reader hears that boot...not the character. So already you're in danger of developing elevated blood pressure. Fortunately we're talking about Romantic Suspense, in which case some hot guy will come along and make it all better. :)

Yes, there is danger in Romantic Suspense. But there is danger being a toll-booth collector too. We all need to sit back, eat a cookie and look at the sunshine and remind ourselves that we are safe and happy.


  1. Are there RS authors who take research further than is safe? Do you know of any who HAVE parked in front of Hannibal with a survey, a pen, and some cheap shoes?

    So... *looks around* ...where's those cookies?

    Or the hot guys for that matter?? ;-)

  2. I have done some things in the name of research that have pushed the envelope. I don't know of anyone personally who has interviewed Hannibal or his kin, but I'm sure there are some out there.

    I always remember the words of Nora Roberts when I met her at a conference. She said she has piles all over her office and each pile represents the research for a book. She said that she had never been deep-sea diving, but one of those piles represented the research for THE REEF. :)

  3. I know just how dangerous your books are... I've read them! And of course the real danger is the worry to the reader, will she or won't she fall...... in love with her rescuer? A great post! :)

  4. My danger is getting too caught up in reading that I neglect everything else;-)


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