Am I a Geek?

In ENDLESS NIGHT the hero, Jake Grogran, is an electrical engineer. An electrical engineer. Sheesh! As Megan Summers says to him, "What do you do, plug in light bulbs?"

Why is Jake not a cop, a fireman...heck, why is he not an Air Force pilot? No. He's an electrical engineer. And I love him. Maybe it's just the fact that a normal guy in a mundane occupation can be sexy. He can be a hero. 

Jake can make a house alarm out of a hairdryer and a kitchen timer. And engineer geek or not, he can protect Megan and make her feel like the most cherished person in the universe.

That's a hero.


  1. I totally LOVED Jake's profession. Don't tell anyone, but I'm a little tired of the cop/FBI/ex-special forces/private investigator uber-alpha male lead in romantic suspense. I think it's great to have some variety, first of all, and frankly...I think brains are sexy.

    And not in that zombie, they're-so-yummy way, either.

    You know I've already read...and totally enjoyed...Endless Night (the gun scene still makes me smile in happiness every time I think of it)...but I couldn't help myself. I had to comment.

  2. Love ya, Tracy. But I'm afraid it gets worse. In the book I'm working on now, the hero is a marine geochemist. *sigh* But he's an extremely rugged and attractive marine geochemist. :)

  3. *Laughs*
    I think that's AWESOME! I can say with all honesty that for all the thousands of books I've read in my life, I've never read one where the lead character's occupation is a marine geochemist. Yay!


    *narrows her eyes*

    Your female protag doesn't turn into a fish, does she? Because that'll kick you right out of the romantic suspense genre, missy.

  4. My mother always crushed on Norm from This Old House, the fellow who did all the woodwork. I am keen on all the DIY crashers, so I love the idea on a broader hero base. Will have to get Endless Night, sounds great.

  5. I loved that electrician, phew steamy and wired! And of course, I loved the book!

  6. Jake is a great hero - doesn't matter what his profession.


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