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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snakes...Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Let's face it...we all feel the same way Indiana Jones does about snakes. There is absolutely no place for a snake in a romance novel.

In a review of JUNGLE OF DECEIT, a reader cited a scene with a snake and stated, if I were there I would have been saying "come on feet don't fail me now." 

Alex, the heroine has very little fear of snakes except for the deadly fer-de-lance. But our reluctant hero, Mitch, harbors an Indiana-like aversion towards the reptiles. For that fact, he has an aversion to monkeys, rodents, mosquitoes and any creature that makes noise at night.

That is my idea of a hero. A man with vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities that he will tackle if it means saving his woman. I don't like snakes, but they are the nature of romantic suspense. Instead of delving their toes in a pristine beach, these characters are thrown into a jungle full of snakes and howler monkeys. Love needs its obstacles, right?


  1. As soon as I get up my courage, I shall read your Jungle of Deceit.

  2. *grumbles and eyes her Terrifyingly Tilted Tower of TBRs*

    I suppose I can fit ONE more book on that stack...*ponders*...maybe I have some bungie cords or something in the shed...

    *mutters and shuffles off to the shed*
    Had to mention vulnerable heroes. Evil. That's just evil.

  3. LOL, thank you so much, Elise. I find that if you put on a little bug spray before you begin reading, you're okay. :)

  4. Tracy, you know what I always say about TBR's? They're like a giant bowl of spaghetti that you don't think you can ever possibly finish....and somehow you do. :)
    But I'm afraid of you reading JUNGLE OF DECEIT...(chewing on my nubs-no nails left)