I'm a horse!

When the lovely and talented author, Dana Marton was searching for a name for a horse in her new book, naturally I offered up the first that came to mind..."Maureen."

Well, the beautiful, lovely, and talented author, Dana Marton did indeed name the horse "Maureen" in her upcoming book, which I know we all CAN'T WAIT FOR now!

Let's list some famous "Maureen, The Horse" songs and movies...

I've been through the desert on a horse called Maureen
My Friend Maureen
The Maureen Whisperer

Update: 12/18/2011 - I am not just a horse! The lovely GayleC has made me an ornament too!


  1. lol. How about Maureen (in place of Wilbur... it was Wilbur right?)

    Great post. You're so funny!

  2. Good one, Bonnie! I think Wilbur was the owner, and it was "Mr. Ed"...or rather, "Mr. Maureen" :)

  3. LOL on Mr. Maureen. You're too funny!

  4. My friend, Maureen

    Run with Maureen

    High Maureen

    The Human Maureen is outstanding Too funny, ya'll!

  5. Very cute.

    Wild Maureen's by The Rolling Stones
    Whiskey for My Men and Beer for My Maureen's- Toby Keith

  6. LOL And a fine looking horse, too. :)


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