Christmas Memories

It's no great secret. You all know that I'm not too fond of my Ukrainian food on Christmas Eve. Regardless, I valiantly kept up with tradition. Here I am in full Ukrainian garb at a Christmas special at school. Sadly, I think I still remember the line I had to recite that night on stage.

Christmas is full of so many memories, but for me, music is the strongest. Every year, Grandma and I would put tinsel on the tree while listening to the original Chipmunks Christmas album. (I seriously mean the original...Grandma had it before I was even born!!)

On Christmas Eve, when I was about to go to sleep, Dad would put on the Johnny Mathis Christmas album. That became such a tradition that to this day, I'll put that album on as I'm about to go to sleep.

We all have so many Christmas traditions, but do you have any of those little ones...a tradition like that, where you have to put Johnny Mathis on or else all is not right in the world?


  1. Aren't you the CUTEST!

    And of COURSE there are those traditions that make or break a holiday season. I HAVE to see Santa waving to the crowd in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I don't care if I have to record it, I don't care if I don't watch another second of the parade, if I don't see that particular Santa waving to that particular crowd to close out that particular parade (only Macy's will do), I'll never get into the holiday spirit and Christmas just won't feel right to me.

    And that's just ONE of the many weird and wacky traditions that define my holidays...and probably evidence my need for psychotherapy and heavy medication.

  2. It makes you normal, Tracy. :) It's like seeing Rudolph. Could anyone imagine going through Christmas season without seeing Rudolph?? If you watch it every year, you'll notice the track is now warped, so that it goes something like, "Ready, Ruuuuuwwwhhhoolldolph?" :)

  3. I don't think I have any Christmas music memories. For me, I remember all the gifts under the tree (there were 11 children in my family!). Also the food/candy. My favorite thing was the giant crate of globe grapes my Dad always bought. It was such a treat! Ribbon candy and barley toys, too. (I was a barley toy fan, but didn't much care for the ribbon candy, though it was pretty.)

  4. We bake, bake, bake Maureen! Christmas is just not the same without the 5 dozen decorated sugar cookies, lots of fudge, and banana & pumpkin bread... Our house always SMELLS like Christmas to me... If not then I MUST get in the kitchen and BAKE.

    We also always had ribbon candy and homemade ice cream with peppermints thrown in. We put carrots & water out for the reindeer and since my darling daughter saw "The Santa Clause" we put sliced bell peppers (red & green) out for the reindeer as well. Thanks for sharing your cutie-patootie picture with us. You are still just as cute as you were then! ;) Merry Christmas Dear!

  5. We had Elvis Presley music. My mom was/is a great fan of Elvis and especially, his Christmas album. I didn't have a cute costume though I did dress up like cowboys and Indians alternately. I couldn't make up my mind... still can't.

  6. Wow, Norah, with all those gifts, I'd want to come to your house for Christmas. :)

    Michelle. Banana bread? Did you say banana bread? Oh my...sorry Norah, now I'm going to Michelle's house.

    Brendan - I can hear, "Why Can't Every Day Be Like Christmas?" from Elvis now. Actually, he's here...singing it.

  7. Very cute. Love the picture. We had a Christmas album that we played over and over again, Snoopy's Christmas.

  8. Johnny Mathis, now you're talking! Love hearing what other people do. Me, I belong to the bah-humbug school of thought myself but I do try to get into the spirit of things, honest!

  9. omg i just saw this! that photo is classic!! all the best to you Mo!!


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