Guest Author - Wendy Soliman

I am delighted to have Wendy Soliman with me today. She is an extremely talented author and a great friend.

I was going to start by thanking Maureen for inviting me here. Then I saw the fiendish questions she’d set me and wondered if gratitude was still the right response. Anyway, I’m here now, so here goes.

Q. Your writing is as diverse as my taste in music. (Is she serious?). How do you do it? How do you so skilfully switch between Regency and Contemporary Romance?

Why thanks for saying I do it skilfully. Not sure that was the case when I started out trying to do both. I was told that my ‘Regency’ roots showed in the language of my contemporaries. I worked on that and strangely enough it’s helped me become less stilted when I switch back to yester-year.

Q. Growing up near castles and Roman ruins, have you encountered any ghosts along the way?
I tried that one a few times but it didn’t get me out of trouble. My teachers refused to believe I was late for class because I’d had a spiritual encounter. Didn’t wash with my father either, come to that, and I was still grounded. Sigh! Some people just plain lack imagination.

Q. I personally am excited about your marine mysteries. Can you tell us more about them?
I’m so glad you asked. Blame my husband, (everyone else does!). He got me involved in boating after I’d spent my youth life living in Cowes on the Isle of Wight – the boating capital of England – and successfully avoiding anything to do with the sea. All that changed when he brought our first boat. I spent hours staring at…well, the sea and trying not to feel sick. I had to do something to pass the time so I started plotting a marine mystery. That’s how The Hunter Files came to be. The first, Unfinished Business, written under my other identity, W. Soliman, has just been released by Carina Press.
Charlie Hunter retired from the police force at 40 to relax, work on his boat and go fishing with his son on weekends, not become an amateur sleuth. But he can’t say no to Kara Webb when she seeks his help in tracking down her sister, missing for 15 years.
The disappearance of teenaged Jasmine Webb was one of the first cases Charlie worked on after being made a detective. He’s never forgotten it or his suspicions, even after the girl’s parents told police they’d heard from her and the file on Jasmine was closed.
When Charlie’s son is threatened, finding Jasmine becomes even more important—it’s no longer just about closure, it’s about protecting his family. Which makes the constant dead ends all the more frustrating. Until Charlie realizes that the question they should be asking isn’t where Jasmine is, but who she’s become.
Visit my website at to read the entire first chapter. I’m running a contest there to and you stand a chance of winning a copy of the book.

Q. Your websites are beautiful. Did you design them or play a part in the designs?
Why, thank you. I bombarded my talented website designer with a ton of suggestions but she did all the work. I’ve said that I’ll take over maintaining them, which probably means they’ll crash any day now.

Q. Do you watch American football, and if so, who do you root for?
What a surprise question! At this point I ought to explain that Ms. Miller is an avid Tampa Bay Bucs fan. She also runs an ace blog and if you want to be invited to contribute—Go Bucs!

Q. You are one of the NOT YOUR USUAL SUSPECT crooners. What has that experience been like?
My therapist says that I’m showing signs of improvement. I might even get off the medication in a year or two.

Q. You spend a great deal of time on the ocean. What sea creature would excite you the most to witness?
Oh, the Loch Ness monster. Hang on, though, Nessie doesn’t hang out in salt water, does she. All right then, I’ll settle for a turtle or six. I’m actually lucky enough to have seen a couple. I couldn’t believe how graceful they are and how fast they move.

Q. Please share a picture of Jake.
I’m so glad you asked! Here he is, the little devil. Jake is my beloved mutt, rescued from a place in Spain. He’s healthy and happy and the light of my life.

Thanks, Maureen, for having me here. It’s been a blast, (I think!).
W. Soliman


  1. Hello Maureen & Wendy, I loved this interview and I'm still giggling! Therapist and medication, Lockness montsters and Bucks are you sure you guys shouldn't be writing comedy...laugh! Seriously, good luck Wendy with all your writing! Hugs to you both! xx

  2. Poor Wendy. She has had a long week of blogging and celebrating her wonderful release, and instead of relaxing, she has to put up with me! LOL

  3. Thanks so much, Pauline. I've been told that I'll be able to stop the medication in a couple of weeks. Nor sure about Maureen, though. x

  4. Great interview. Sounds like you've had lots of interesting experiences to draw from. Unfinished Business sounds awesome - another for my TBR pile.

  5. Thanks, Wynter. The next one in the series, Risky Business - about a betting scam - has also been accepted so at least I know I'm not a one-crime-book wonder.

  6. A betting scam. I like that. I can picture your at a card table with a poker face on.

  7. Great interview. I've just added Unfinished Business to my must-read list.

    And thank you for including a picture of Jake. He looks adorable.

  8. Ah, Wendy, Miss Vicki here is a talented mystery writer from Australia. So happy you stopped by, Vicki. :)

  9. Congrats on the release of Unfinished Business. Does Jake speak Spanish?

  10. Great interview, you two! Congrats on your release, Wendy. It sounds like another great read I'm going to have to buy!


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