Grand Theft Auto

I am reading a delightful romantic suspense book called HOLD ME by Betsy Horvath. Although the setting is contemporary, the feel of the book is very reminiscent of the detective shows from the late 70's. The heroine owns a Chevy Nova, and I remember my mother had a Nova. I remember that car so vividly, because as a child I used to play on the golf course, and the golf pro would call my mother to come take me off the course...and the Nova would show up. I was about 7 or 8 years-old at the time, and I used to play on the greens because the grass was pretty. :)

One day, I had my trusty stuffed dachshund, Fremont tucked  under my arm when I hiked up near the clubhouse. A golf cart was sitting a few feet away from the building, and yes...I did it. I climbed in and set Fremont on the vinyl seat beside me.  It had to be real awkward for me to make the cart move, but I somehow managed about twenty yards of sheer bliss! I stopped because I was absolutely terrified that I had moved at all. And then I heard voices! I grabbed Fremont and ducked behind the golf cart as one of the men stopped and commented, "How did that get out there?"  My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour. So was Fremont's.  But the men moved along and I ran home, thinking that for one brief and shining moment, I was able to feel the rush of wind in my hair as I blazed across the grass at 2 miles per hour. A rebel at 8. LOL


  1. ROFL great story. Would make for a great piece of flash fiction (imho) if you ever try your hand at that!


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