Why I Like Writing

There is a list of obvious reasons why I love to write.

It is my passion.
It completes me.
It helps me to escape-while at the same time controlling my destination.

But over the years, I've come to realize that there is a factor to this profession that I would have never considered as I sat up in my turret and wove tales of romance and suspense.

Writing has made this big planet of ours so much smaller. When I wake up in the morning in North Carolina, if I don't log into Twitter immediately, suspense author, Shirley Wells does not eat in Britain. My logging in is her trigger to prepare lunch. It is also an alert to the bubbly author, Pauline Barclay in Lanzarote in the Canary Isles to blend us up a pitcher of something delicious.

Before I met the regency and suspense author, Wendy Soliman, I am going to blatantly admit...I had no idea where or what Andorra was! I thought it was a fur. Now, thanks to Wendy and the pictures she has shared, I know that Andorra is a beautiful little country nestled in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France.

Mystery writer Vicki Tyley and I negotiate the time change between Australia and here. In this small world, I'm able to look out at her backyard and feel like I'm sitting on the porch with her. One day I will be, Vicki!

Romantic Suspense author, Toni Anderson teaches me how to get cats out of trees in Canada, and mystery writer, Marcelle Dubé teaches me to speak French.

I once watched that movie, Insomnia with Al Pacino. It was based in Alaska. Cathy Pegau, the great author from the frozen north certainly must suffer from insomnia as I swear I see her on Twitter 24 hours a day. She baffles time zones!

Through this wonderful profession, I am able to keep tabs on the weather conditions for my parents with romance author, Betsy Horvath and paranormal romance author, Maggie James as they both live a stone's throw from my old homestead.

In Maine, romantic suspense author Launa McNeilly and the talented poet and author, Jeff Howe have made me an honorary resident of the state. I love you guys!

There are many authors in Texas that I'm happy to consider friends. I think the state breeds talented authors. I've billed the illustrious adventure author, Brendan Carroll as the "World's Most Interesting Man."

And of course, Florida. Florida hosts so many lovely author friends of mine. So many! 

When I wake up in the morning, I smile. As my fingers touch the keyboard to begin typing a new page, I look next to me and I have the whole world sitting there. A bevvy of authors and friends with silly grins on their faces, as they say, "Go on. You can do it."

I would be lost without them.

I love being a writer.


  1. Wow! Now this is the kind of blog I wish I could write. Interesting, witty and informative at the same time and featuring two pictures of moi`. (That's French. Hee, hee.) The upper picture is me in my winter jammies, in case anyone was wondering. Great work as usual, Maureen. Love it and thanks for mentioning me.

  2. Fame at last! Thanks, Maureen although the whole cat thing isn't as important as the Hugh Heffner reference :) Love seeing you online too!

  3. My day is not complete until I see a Maureen Miller Tweet : ) It's great hanging out with you too!

  4. Maureen you definitely are a happening girlie these days!... I am not a writer... as you well KNOW!BUT I am a HUGE fan of yours though I AM behind the times and don't Tweet or any of that kind of stuff... I'm just happy to see your smiling face on the left margin of my FB page with a comment or two about your day and your sweet Grandma!

  5. I found you through Toni Anderson :-)

    Great read!

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  7. MaureenAMiller said...

    Nice winter jammies, Brendan. :)

    Toni, your fame far exceeds mine. AS a writer, as a singer... :)

    My day is not complete without seeing you, Cathy. Now if I could just get you to post a picture of your new tattoo!

    Michelle, you know I adore you. :)

    Doris, thank you! I am one of Toni's biggest fans. I like to think she writes romantic suspense with this single thought rolling in her mind..."what would Maureen think of this?" :)

    Shirley, your comments got gobbled by blah-ger I think. But it's time for lunch!

  8. Great post. It's true. We all have friends all over the globe. I sure hope we'll get to meet on one of your trips to see your folks!

  9. I so agree with you. Writing is a solitary occupation but I've 'met' so many interesting people who help and support me. Without writing I never would have known them and my life would be the poorer because of that.

  10. My fans! I have two fans. I love you both and fan you right back :)

  11. @Wynter. I sure hope that too!

    @Wendy - And you wouldn't have become a Buccaneers fan. :)

    @Toni - I have a fan! I rock! :)

  12. Maureen,

    Great post! The world has indeed become smaller. I love talking with others all over the globe.

  13. Without writing I would have never met you, Deb. And I would be very sad. :(

  14. What a fab post. Thank you for the mention, but it works both ways, how would I be able to sit by the lake if not for you? Have a fabby day! x


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