Life On The Treadmill

Time is a commodity we all seem to be running out of. No matter how much you organize your daily schedule, the tasks to complete far exceed the tasks accomplished.

I write and I work, and unfortunately I have a deep need for reading, a task that all too often falls by the wayside in favor of more pressing matters. Another task (usually the first one scratched off the list when something more pressing like removing my nail polish comes along) is exercise.

I really want to get some exercise in during the day. Seriously, I do. Don't double over in laughter!

When people ask about the merits of e-readers over paperback, one example would be the treadmill. I hop on the treadmill (with slightly more verve than the fellow in this picture), and I set my e-reader down on the stand, and change the font to one inch tall...and I multitask!!!  Reading and exercise. I have multi-tasked! I actually used to attempt this with paperbacks, but I had to hold the book open with one hand while simultaneously running...which is impossible, so perhaps a benefit to paperbacks is that they kept me from jogging. :)

Another gadget I use for saving time is the Roomba. In theory the Roomba is supposed to be vacuuming while I write, but sadly I find myself talking to it. I follow it around the house and critique its performance. I play games of chicken with it and I anger it when I put something in its path to alter its trajectory. Ohhh, Roomba gets so mad! He bounces against it for about five times before finally saying, "Okay, fine, I didn't want to go over there anyway."

My big battle is economizing on cooking time. I want a good meal, but the time to prepare it eludes me. Alas, Roomba can't help with the cooking. :(

Does anyone have any time-saving formulas to share? Please? :)


  1. Have you tried listening to audiobooks while cooking/cleaning/exercising/commuting? It takes a while, but I get to "read" more this way.

    Also I'm big on my crockpot...yesterday it was a Morrocan stew, today it'll be carmelized onions...which aren't a meal, but I freeze them in small batches and they're sooooo handy to have around...and tomorrow will be black bean soup. I'm also big on making big batches of meals and freezing them.

    If you figure out that magic formula let me know!

  2. If I have to drive long distances I will definitely listen to audio books...or else I would go crazy thinking of all the things I should be doing instead of driving! hahaha

    What's in a Morrocan stew? I'm intrigued.

  3. I'm big on the crockpot too. I don't do anything as exotic as JB's Morrocan stew though. I sort of throw whatever's to hand in it and leave it doing its thing while I write. I haven't given anyone food poisoning yet. ;)

    I might try reading while exercising. It's always my reading time that gets lost too and I'm reading such a good book right now. I mean a wonderful, awesome, freaking brilliant book. It's called Emotional Waves. Perhaps you've heard of it?

    Any what is my dog doing on your treadmill? She's supposed to making my coffee...

  4. Ohhh, hahaha, that ole' book. That was just a silly little novella I had laying around. Definitely not in the "freaking brilliant" category. LOL! But I love you and still wish sunshine and puppies on you. :)

  5. I got the man to take over the cooking - HUGE timesaver. Clever me.

  6. What form of sorcery did you use, Jeffe?!?

  7. The perfect multi-tasking is as follows:
    1.) Electronic muscle contractor apparatus simulates jogging.
    2.) Bottle of chilled wine, tater chips and PBJ sandwich for a romantic, yet simple meal.
    3.) Attach Swiffer cloths to dogs'/cats' feet.
    4.) Start Roomba.
    5.) Audio book.
    6.) Television on with closed captions on/volume turned down.
    7.) Surfing/playing/writing on laptop with one hand.
    8.) Writing checks to pay bills with other hand.

    This list contains only 8 tasks that can be done simultaneously. A little imagination and you can get up to twelve.

  8. Ahhh, the swiffer cloths to dogs/cats feet. How could I have not thought of that! Thank you, Brendan.

  9. I also read and walk on the treadmill. I listed to audio books while I cook or clean up the kitchen. I set my Kindle on the counter, turn up the volume and go! And you have way too much fun with that Roomba!

  10. I've drawn the line at buying it one of those 'pet' costumes...although I can see their allure. :)


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