RWA 2011

I have just returned from the Romance Writers of America conference in New York City.  To the left are views from my window. Having a view of Times Square is wonderful until about 3 in the morning when the lights are still flashing through your window.

I got a late start at the conference, but I definitely had fun catching up. Here I am with fellow Carina Press author, Adrienne Giordano, and beneath that I am with one of my favorite authors, Kat Martin.

At the Carina Press cocktail party I envied the vivacious Julie Rowe's pink eye shadow, and I envied Jeffe Kennedy that she could wear this outfit and look great in it! :)

More lovely Carina authors joined me.  The talented trio of Caridad Pinero, Eliza Knight and Ruth A. Casie.

And then it was time for the Harlequin "Black and White" Ball at the Waldorf Astoria! I felt like I had stepped back in time to an era of big bands and luxurious supper clubs. 

Betsy Horvath, Adrienne Giordano and I made it onto the big screen at the Waldorf!

I'll share with you one of the funnier experiences I had at the conference. I stepped into an elevator where a man in gym gear stood quietly in the corner. We traveled in silence for two floors when a very exuberant author joined us, holding up an award. I asked what she won the award for and she gushed, "For erotica. A story based on Lady and the Tramp meeting werewolves."  I offered her my hearty congratulations as she disembarked three floors later.

At this point the man standing in the back of the elevator spoke up. "Excuse me," he said. "Did that woman just say she won an award for an erotic novel about Lady and the Tramp meeting werewolves?" To which I replied, "Yes. That is what she said."

The man shook his head and murmured, "Man, I need to start reading more." 


  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I almost feel like I was there - almost. I love that man's comment - priceless!

  2. I had to laugh at that one, Wynter. :) I wish you had been there!

  3. That is the best story! I'm sitting here, other side of the world, laughing and enjoying my Monday morning -- thanks, Maureen!

  4. They're all fabulous photos, Maureen, but I really like classy "black-and-white" one of you on the couch.

    I'm still chuckling about the man in the lift. Hilarious. :D

  5. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures! It's almost as good as being there.

    Love the pic of you looking ultra glamorous on the couch at the b&w ball! And wow, a view of Times Square.

    I hope that guy went and downloaded hundreds of Carina titles. :-)

  6. LMAO about the guy on the elevator. I had an experience like that in the bar when three guys asked why there were all these women there. When they found out we were writers they asked what we wrote...I've given up trying to explain erotic romance and just said "I write dirty books" which they laughed and I got more questions from them than anyone else.

  7. The photos are great and the Ball was wonderful. I danced all night. Carina and Harlequin certainly made me feel special.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great pictures! I have great faith you've converted a new reader.

  9. Ha! That is PRICELESS! Exactly the sort of moment that makes every single painful word worth it! ;-)

  10. Hi ladies. :)

    @Jenny. I love to make you smile :)

    @Vicki. The picture on the couch---it was favorable lighting. LOL

    @Shirley - I was handing out plenty of Carina Press postcards on the elevators. I didn't get one to that man.

    @Leah - I bet you were a popular lady with those men!

    @Lynne - Thank you! :)

    @Ruth - You looked beautiful!

    @Keri - I sure hope so. :)

    @Kiersten - That is so true, Kiersten.

  11. Great pic - thanks for sharing and lovely meeting you, too! Loved the elevator story. I have a B&W ball story on my blog today, also, if you're interested. Mine is embarassing though...

  12. It was so nice meeting you face-to-face! I'm glad we had a chance to chat.

  13. MAUREEN! I love your B/W dress!

    That's all.

  14. Thanks, Amanda. If you could have only seen me walking in my heels. I managed to advance about six inches per step. It was very slow-going. :)


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