What If Your Book Became A Movie?

One of the toughest interview questions for me is, "If your book became a movie, what actor would play your hero?"

First, you'd have to pick me up off the floor if my book were ever to be made into a movie. After I stopped hyperventilating at the thought, then we can tackle the question at hand.  I've seen other authors talk about having an actor/actress pictured in their mind when they write their characters. That said, it's pretty easy for them to pick the actor to star in the role.

My heroes and heroines are born in my head, and I see them, but they seem rather ethereal to me. As if they are not from the real world-as if it would never be possible to notice them walking on the streets because they live in a parallel universe.

People have told me that Brett Murphy in WIDOW'S TALE is the spitting image of Hugh Jackman. After they point that out,  I can see the resemblance. And actually I remember thinking that Serena Murphy from the same book looked just like Anna, one of the dancers on Dancing With the Stars.

Many people have pointed out that Megan Summers as pictured on the cover of ENDLESS NIGHT looks like Eliza Dushku.

But still, I could never come up with these associations. So if you see an interview with me and that, "Who would play..." question comes up, please understand my fumbling answer.

Does anyone else have problems with that question? If you have read either of these books, do you have suggestions on actors/actresses?


  1. I always feel that if I met one of my characters walking down the street, I'd recognize them immediately (is that a sign of madness?). I've never seen an actor who even comes close though.

    Should such an exciting thing happen to one of my books, and I'd be on the floor too, I'd go for Sean Bean. He looks nothing like any of my characters, but hey, what does that matter. ;)

  2. I have no problem picturing Dylan Scott as Sean Bean. No problem at all! :)

  3. I've gotten that question, too and it always stumps me. I can see Gwynneth Paltrow as the female lead in Endless night, though.


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