Guest Romantic Suspense Author - TONI ANDERSON

I am in author awe today because I have a special guest...Romantic Suspense author, Toni Anderson.

You have a new book coming out with Carina Press. Can you tell us about EDGE OF SURVIVAL?
I’m so excited about this book. I absolutely love my hero, Daniel Fox (a British ex-SAS soldier turned helicopter pilot—who’s dark and brooding, in dire need of redemption) and my heroine, Cameran Young (a fish biologist who suffers from diabetes—she’s sparkling and bubbly and a real fighter).  The story is set in Northern Labrador and the heroine is doing a research study on fish migration—an Environmental Impact Assessment—in one of the most remote regions on earth. The study she’s conducting is one I actually did in 1996. I was flown all over the place in helicopters, dodging bears, and sleeping onboard an icebreaker every night. It was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life and I am thrilled I could use it in a novel.
This is my first military hero as opposed to law enforcement. That changes the dynamics around the crime—a murder—because the hero doesn’t care about solving the who, he just doesn’t want anyone else getting nailed on his watch. I think one of the things I like most about the story is the contrast of such strong personalities falling in love. And there’s a fabulous supporting cast too, including some unusual four-legged varieties.
This is the first romance I’ve read that features a diabetic heroine and I’m intending to donate some of the money to research into juvenile diabetes.

You seem to favor romantic suspense, but I have seen you throw in some paranormal elements into your books, such as STORM WARNING? Are you dedicated to a genre or do you find inspiration strikes you in many forms?

Inspiration strikes in many forms, but my stories are always essentially Romantic Suspense. I’m drawn to dangerous situations and intrigue and love writing about them. But to find a story emotionally satisfying, I need my Happy Ever After.
So, I always write RS stories but the emphasis can change. Sometimes it’s a mystery or ‘whodunit’. Other times it’s more about ‘what happens next?’ and ‘how the hell are the hero and heroine going to get out of this?’ To me, STORM WARNING wasn’t a paranormal story as defined by today’s publishing standards. It was more an old fashioned gothic ghost story. So there may be hints of other genres in my writing (mystery, paranormal), but I hope the essentials of the Romantic Suspense genre are there along with something a little bit extra—a fabulous location.

You recently received ‘the call’ for EDGE OF SURVIVAL? Does that still give you the same thrill as the first call?

I have never been physically ‘called’ with the good news and I feel so…cheated? LOL. I’ve sold six times now, the first two books to a publisher that went KABOOM! When I sold to Carina Press I was in the UK, so Angela James emailed me on Christmas Eve. To be honest I still get the same feeling of ‘Oh my God, they want to contract my book’ every single time J. It’s an amazing feeling!

What is next for Toni Anderson?

Right now, I’m writing another SAS hero who gets involved with a snow leopard biologist in the Wakhan Corridor and unearths a decades old spy ring. I have several other books planned—another Romantic Mystery set in Bamfield, Vancouver Island, another story set in Scotland, and another set in Brittany, France, where I spent 3 months last year.

Where can we find out more about you and your books?
My books are available as ebooks from Carina Press,,, BooksOnBoard, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other online retailers. HER SANCTUARY is also available in print from The Wild Rose Press, and STORM WARNING & SEA OF SUSPICION are also available as audiobooks from
I have a website (, and a blog (, and I’m on Facebook as both me ( and with an author page with information about my books (, and I’m a twitterer—Lord, do I ever twitter (!/toniannanderson) AND I have an occasional newsletter ( It’s hard to avoid me on the net J
I’m also involved in a wonderful group blog ‘NOT YOUR USUAL SUSPECTS’ that you may have heard of J
Thanks so much for having me here, Maureen.

Thank you for being here, Toni. Now go write!!


  1. I love the snow leapord biologist idea. Great and shows she smart. lol.

    Terrific interview, ladies.

    Good luck writing!

  2. Fab interview, ladies! Toni, you know I love your books! Can't wait to read the new one.

  3. And big hugs and kisses to Maureen for hosting me today :)

  4. Julie and Bonnie, I'm always happy to see you!

    Toni, your hugs and kisses make me giggle and wriggle like a ticklish puppy. LOL

  5. Toni. I love romantic suspense too. It's such fun to watch characters get pushed to the edge and then figure out a way out of it.

  6. I recognize that name :) Adrienne!

  7. Love it, Toni! I can't wait for your next book. Not only do I hope to get suspense, a SAS hero, and my happy-ever-after fix, but I'm looking forward to learning more about fish migration. And you can believe me that I've never said THAT before! LOL :) Great interview!

  8. Wow, I love Adrienne's new name. :) Blogger wouldn't let me comment at all yesterday. Obviously having another hissy fit about something or other...

    Edge of Survival sounds great, Toni. I can't wait to meet Daniel Fox. I *love* SAS heroes.

  9. Well done, Toni - and good luck! :)

  10. Betsy--thank you :) Fish migration is a fascinating thing :) I used words like 'anadromous' and 'gravid' and felt like I was back in the lab ;)

  11. Shirley--blogger can be fickle. We love her though ;)
    I love SAS heroes too. I wonder if they are as special to other people? This guys pretty dark at the start of the book. He gets where he has to be eventually though.


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