Guest Mystery Author - Vicki Tyley

Today, I am happy to have with us, mystery and suspense author, Vicki Tyley!

1.             You have had quite an eclectic career. I have seen your IT experience work its way into your books. How much of your diverse occupations do you tap into when writing?

Writing from experience is certainly easier, and it does add an authenticity that no amount of research could replicate. However, I also like to mix up the occupations in my books. My main characters have held down a broad range of jobs – journalist, IT systems analyst, stockbroker, nurse, credit officer, web developer, advertising executive, private investigator, personal assistant, police officer, property developer, graphic designer, PR consultant, financial planner, recruitment consultant, real estate agent – many of which I have little or limited practical knowledge of. Which means I get to tap into other people’s experiences and add to my own – all part of the fun of writing.

2.            Your first novel, THIN BLOOD, was named as an Amazon Customer Favorite of 2010. How proud were you of your achievement?

Words can’t describe how proud I was. That’s once I’d picked myself up off the floor and made sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I still can’t quite believe that Thin Blood made it onto the list, joining fellow indies Karen McQuestion, D.B. Henson, and Christian Cantrell. Not to mention such greats as Harlan Coben, Lee Child, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, Tess Gerritsen, Jodi Picoult, and Sandra Brown.

One hundred books. Four indie authors. One unbelievably proud Australian debut novelist.

3.            I understand Thin Blood is now available as an audio book. It sounds silly, but how does it feel to hear your book? Did you have any participation in the narrating process?

The first time I heard my words narrated by a professional, I couldn’t stop grinning. The narrator brought my story to life, exceeding every expectation and giving it another whole dimension. To say that I’m delighted with the production would be an understatement.

I was involved in the narration process insomuch that a number of narrators auditioned and I chose the voice I thought suited the story best. After that, it was simply a matter of reviewing each track for pronunciation or other issues. A seamless process, for my part.

4.            What is next for Vicki Tyley?

My most recent novel, Bitter Nothings, is with my agent. I realize many think I’m mad to pursue a traditional publishing contract in these times of technological change, but that’s okay. Sanity is overrated.

In the meantime, prompted by a reader, I’ve revisited and am now rewriting a manuscript I’d previously consigned to the bottom drawer. Changing the storyline to introduce a new antagonist is proving a challenge, but it’s also been a good learning opportunity.

Thank you again for stopping by, Vicki. You are always welcome here.

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  1. "Sanity is overrated." Oh, so true. :)

    Great interview, ladies, and congratulations to Vicki on being named an Amazon Customer Favorite with Thin Blood!

  2. That's very impressive, Vicki. Congrats and good luck with Bitter Nothings.

  3. Thank you for stopping by, Wynter and Shirley. Sanity indeed is overrated. :) Certainly authors walk a tightrope with common sense.

  4. Miss Vicki is having some issues with Blogger, as we all seem to be having recently, so she sent out word to everyone...

    "Thank you, Shirley and Wynter!

    Maureen, many thanks for having me. That tightrope keeps us on our toes. :)"

  5. Thin Blood is a great read. Vicki got me reading Mystery and Suspense genre again - so always have a soft spot for any of her work.
    The line between Traditionally and Indie published is blurring; the line between sanity and insanity has always been blurred. Have cake - eat.

  6. Cake! We're having cake?! Vicki, you should have stopped by my blog long ago. :) Thank you, S.G. I'm definitely glad you dropped in. Vicki tantalized me with the genre too. She has that knack for drawing you in.

  7. Flourless chocolate cake! It's the only one I know how to make. :)

    Many thanks for the support, Simon. Here, have another piece of cake...

  8. Maureen--Vicki, great post! CAKE??? Shoot, am I late??? Vicki, you've got to share that recipe for Flourless chocolate cake--yummmm.
    Really though, Vicki's books have an edge of suspense that rips straight to the heart.
    Yes, the lines between Indie pub'd and trad pub'd are beginning to blur. (thank goodness!) Congrats to you, Vicki, for having such a grand career. Wishing you all the best in the future.
    Cherri Galbiati

  9. Oh! And Vicki's recommendation, I've just loaded to my Kindle "Endless Night." :-)

  10. Not too late at all, Cherri. I baked two just in case. :)

    And here's the recipe: Flourless chocolate cake

    Only 725kj per serve. ;)

  11. Cherri, thank you so much. That Vicki, she twists your arm, but does so with a lovely smile on her face. :)

    And Vicki, my dear, you literally brought us cake! Yeay! And it's chocolate!!! Double yeay!


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