Guest Author - Pauline Barclay

We have a special guest joining us today all the way from the Canary Isles!  The lovely and talented, Pauline Barclay, author of Sometimes It Happens.

In Sometimes It Happens… Doreen Wilkinson wins the lottery. Is there an inspiration behind this storyline?

Nothing is ever what it seems and Doreen Wilkinson certainly found that out after she won the lottery. Doreen is an ordinary woman to whom the extraordinary happens. A hard working cleaning lady, Doreen struggled to make ends meet as she brought up her only daughter alone. Then she wins the lottery, millions of pounds. She is catapulted into a new life, a life she has no idea about and worse, it is not at all what she had been expecting. Doreen quickly finds out that the rich and the poor are poles apart as she and her daughter take a holiday at the fabulous Villas Bonitas.

You have lived many diverse locations. Tell us a little about your favorites and why

I was brought up in Yorkshire, then through work my family moved to Suffolk, after marrying my husband, worked also took both of us to another location. We moved to Surrey, then to Holland. We now live in Lanzarote in the Canary Isles. I love all the places we have lived and we’ve made life long friends along the way. I love were we live now, it is relatively unspoilt. The roads are empty most of the time. Stress is not a word used often, though the bureaucracy can get you down, otherwise it is just a great place to be. Of course I love the all year round sunshine! 

The cover of Sometimes It Happens is beautiful. Can you tell us more about it?

The book is about a luxurious holiday set in an exotic location, lots of champagne is drunk and the sun always shines. It’s a happy book with lots of laughter. I asked Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphic in North Carolina, USA to design the cover and after telling her a little about the novel this is what she came up with. I love it, it says so much about the book.

Tell us about your four-legged companions!

Apart from loving them to pieces, they are two rescues doggies. Not sure of their breeds, our little one is a terrier, a bit of Yorkshire and Highland terrier in her. She is now nine and half years old and has lived with us for the last four years. Our other one is, we believe, a Cockapoo and we have had him just one year and he will be two in July. They give so much love I find it incomprehensible that anyone could have hurt them. As I write I have Barney at my feet and Poppy in her cozy Igloo the other side of my desk.

What can we look forward to from you?

As well as Sometimes It Happens… I have two other books published, Magnolia House and Satchfield Hall. I have started writing my fourth novel, but with all the work needed to market my latest book, it is not getting the attention is deserves…but it will!

Where can we find Pauline Barclay?

I have a web site
I’m On Twitter @paulinembarclay
And I’m also on Goodreads

A huge thank you to Maureen for inviting me here to meet some of her friends, I feel very honored.  Maureen is a terrific person and I am proud to call her my friend – thank you! Wishing you great success with Endless Night, it is my next read! x


  1. Wow - what an interesting life you must lead. And what adorable pooches! Sometimes it Happens sounds like fun - congratulations!

  2. A lovely interview, ladies, and I'm so envious of Pauline's sunshine.

    Sometimes it Happens is next on my TBR list. Can't wait to read it. First, I must get these edits out of the way...

  3. Super interview! Wishing you loads of luck with the new novel, Pauline! :)

    Rosie. xx

  4. Hi Wynter great to meet you the pooches are lvely and Sometimes It Happens...should be a giggle! Thanks for saying "Hi"

    Hello Shirley, sending our sunshine to you, it's a scorcher here today. Enjoy the book and your edits are sorted very soon!

    Hi Rosie, lovely to see you here, thanks for coming over the big pond to say HI! Also for the lovely wishes, I too have everything crossed! x

  5. Hey, Pauline! Really enjoyed the interview. Looks like another book for my virtual TBR pile, which is much taller than the real TBR piles used to be, thanks to One Click buying. ,-)

    Loved meeting your doggies.

  6. Hi everyone! Thank you for popping in and welcoming our charming guest, Pauline. Her novel, Sometimes It Happens makes me sigh, smile, and think, "If only...." :)

  7. Hi Norah, thanks for adding the book to your TBR and yes, the dogies are so cute! Have a fab day! x

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