There are certain vacations that no matter how old you are you are morphed right back into childhood. If you take a trip to the Caribbean-or any exotic island, that is an adult vacation...unless you were lucky enough to have experienced these as recurrent destinations from your youth.

But destinations like Disney World, or camping in the matter how old you are, these vacations transport you back in time, and the thrills you feel now are no different than the very first time you experienced them.

I am going to the mountains tomorrow, and I guarantee you that for three days my legs are going to work with the superhuman strength of a child. I will be able to climb and climb and climb just because there's something ahead that I want to see.  I don't know what it is, but I know that I have to climb to get there and that once I do, it's going to be beautiful. Those were the thoughts going through my head as a youth, and I know the same thoughts will motivate me again tomorrow.

Before setting out in the morning, I fully intend to pack my little lunch to take into the woods just as my mother used to do. Somehow, sitting on a boulder, eating a sandwich, is the coolest thing in the world. An adult vacation would be much more civil and lunch would include Pina Coladas in front of the pool with a gorgeous waiter named, Francesco. But not tomorrow. Not this vacation. This vacation is for Maureen of the past. Tomorrow, Maureen of the past will see a waterfall and her jaw will drop open as if its the first time she has ever witnessed nature showcasing its beauty.

What are some vacations that bring you back to childhood?


  1. I hope you had a wonderful time! Skiing was our usual vacation. We went several times each winter. Any time I go to a woodsy cabin, that takes me back.


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