Sunday Sample - ENDLESS NIGHT

   Endless Night
This Sunday I am offering up a sample from the romantic thriller, 

   Jake reached into the pocket of his jacket and extracted a card. “Anyway, if you should ever come across anything—” his voice dropped off, “—could you call me?”

   He didn’t wait for her response. He opened the door, eyed the sky warily and then squared his shoulders and started down the steps.


   My God, what was she thinking?

   Megan watched Jake pause at the foot of the steps. He turned around and looked up at her. Stoic in the downpour, he waited. With rain dripping onto his black eyelashes, he blinked away the assault.

   Something about Jake tempted her with haunting images of pleasure she would never be privy to. 

   Whoever Jake Grogan was—whether he was innocent or a foe, Megan knew that she would not let him cross that bridge in this weather.

   She had the gun.

   She would be safe.

   He waited for her to pronounce sentence.

   “Come inside,” she whispered.

   The steady stream of rain made it impossible for her voice to carry, but he must have read her lips.

   For every step he climbed, Jake held her eyes. He reached the top and loomed a head above her, looking down with dark force. Paralyzed by that compelling whirlpool of colors, all Megan could do now was pray she made the right decision.

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