Interview with romantic suspense author, Norah Wilson

Thanks for having me, Maureen! Love hanging with a fellow romantic suspense writer. Speaking of which, the cover for your Carina Press May title rocks!

You have been nominated for multiple Golden Heart awards. Did this prestige open up any doors for you?

NW: That’s right. I finalled in RWA’s Golden Heart contest three years running, with three different manuscripts. And yes, it certainly did help open doors. I can’t say that it landed me an agent or a publishing contract (both came later), but the level of interest my queries attracted skyrocketed.

Dorchester’s “New Voice in Romance” contest certainly presented an opportunity for you. Please tell us about LAUREN’S EYES.

NW: LAUREN’S EYES is the book that won Dorchester Publishing’s New Voice in Romance contest in 2003. Actually, I shared that title with Kate Lyon, whose time travel TIME’S CAPTIVE tied with mine for top spot. The prize was a publication contract for each of us.

BTW, getting published rendered me ineligible for the Golden Heart, or I’d probably still be entering! I have to say that each year I finalled, I met such a crop of amazing, supportive writers – you being one of them. I hated to give that up. It’s an experience I would wish for all aspiring writers.

Okay, back to LAUREN’S EYES. At the time, I was a feeling a little discouraged about my chances for publication with the straight romantic suspense I’d been writing. It seemed to me that “babies, brides and cowboys” were carrying the day, so I quite cynically set out to write a cowboy book, the only one of the three I thought I could pull off. I also decided that it needed to have a paranormal twist (a psychic heroine), since paranormal was beginning to dominate bookstore shelves. But as soon as I started researching my subject, I fell in love with cowboys. I also discovered the PBR – Professional Bull Riding – and found myself glued to the television whenever it was on the sports channel. I was a convert! I hope that love shows when people read the book.

I like your genre reference of “Romantica” for your free novella, “NEEDING NITA”. Will you be or have you written more of this unique sensual romance line?

NW: Thanks. I wanted to make sure readers appreciated that the novella (which I used as a teaser or sampler to try to entice readers to check out my sensual romantic suspenses) was unquestionably a romance, not erotica. Not that I have any difficulty with erotica. But NEEDING NITA just wasn’t that. What it has been, though, is enormously popular! Judging by the numbers from official channels, it’s been downloaded well over 20,000 times. And I think it’s helped attract some readers to the Serve and Protect series it was designed to promote.

I do have another book planned for this series, but it’s sort of on the back burner, given the significant other writing commitments I have with writing partners (YA paranormal and dystopian romance). I hope to get back to it soon, though, for those fans who keep asking for it. As I’ve discovered, there really is a certain market for this kind of book, which I would describe as romantic suspense, heavy on the romance, as opposed to a lot of the “bigger” romantic suspenses that tend to be more suspense than romance.

I see you are introducing a Vampire series. Is there any news on a release for these?

NW: Yes, my vampires are coming very soon! I hope to have THE MERZETTI EFFECT and NIGHTFALL up by the end of May as Indie titles. I absolutely love these stories, and I’ll be thrilled to finally share Delano and Aiden with the world. I don’t have an official release date, but you can bet that I’ll be blogging, tweeting and Facebooking the news when they hit stores!

Tell us about Chloe!
NW: Ah, Chloe. She’s my rotti-lab mix. I’ve posted a lot about her recently, since she had to have the dew claw on her front left leg removed. She’d injured it a number of times until it stood out at right angles from her leg and was getting snagged on everything, causing her excruciating pain. Of course, the post-surgical recovery has been an adventure. She had to endure the “cone of shame” for ten days, to prevent her from licking the surgical site. The cone itself might have been the most stressful part for her. She thought she’d done something wrong and was being punished, I’m sure. But now the sutures are out, the cone is retired, and she’s rapidly returning to normal. Normal being a giant, 80-pound scaredy-cat who would run home and leave me to face alone any threat we might encounter on our woods walks. Including a particularly scary Pomeranian.

Thank you again for being here, Norah.

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  1. Good interview! I love reading about your pets. Saving Suzannah has one of your dogs. And Lauren's Eyes is a particularly good book!

  2. Great interview, Norah and Maureen. I just got a Kindle and am looking forward to doing some serious downloading - you two have given me a great idea of where to begin.

  3. Thank you, ladies! I'm so glad you stopped by. Norah is such a gifted writer.

  4. Thanks, Barbara! And yes, I blogged about my beloved Bandy in a book to immortalize him. Wait ... LOL! That sounds like I think my fiction is deathless. Not! But as a tribute to him, certainly.

    BTW, it's Guarding Suzannah. Only recently did my agent ask my why I didn't use alliteration throughout. The books are Guarding Suzannah, Saving Grace, Protecting Paige and the free novella is Needing Nita. She wondered why I didn't got with Saving Suzannah and Guarding Grace. Doh! Didn't think of it.

  5. Hey, Lori! Thanks for dropping by. And you are so right -- Maureen's got some dandy books for you to try!

  6. Nice interview, Maureen and Norah.

    Norah, I'm looking forward to reading all your self-pubbed titles I've downloaded to my Kindle. After my June 1 deadline, I'm SO looking forward to a reading binge.

    Maureen, I agree with Norah. Your cover is lovely.

  7. Thank you so much, Trish. Those deadlines sometime make us break out in a cold sweat. Good luck!

  8. Love the interview. Congratulations on all your successes. Professional bull riding, huh? We never know where research will lead!

  9. Trish, thanks for coming out of your deadline cave to say hey!

    Trish is another amazing writer I might never had met were it not for the Golden Heart contest. She's a multiple GH finalist and manged to do something I never did - actually WIN a Golden Heart. We finalled together in 2003, and that group (The Wet Noodle Posse) is still very tight.

  10. Thanks,Wynter! Yup, bull-riding. The dead last thing I thought I'd get hooked on. I've managed to wean myself off, but if I happen to be channel surfing and find it, I'm stuck. Of course, the faces keep changing as the old guys like Adriano Moraes hang up their bull ropes in favor of the young bucks.

  11. Norah - Thanks for sharing with us! I love author interviews, finding out a little more about the "woman behind the page". Or something. :-) Sounds like you have a LOT of great projects in the works. Can't wait for the vampire series!

    Maureen - Thanks for hostessing the show. :-)

  12. Thank you for stopping by, Wynter and Shea! :)

  13. Shea! Thanks for coming. I love author interviews too, probably for the same reason I love Twitter. I can't tell you how many new-to-me authors I read now because I came to like them so much on social media. Not to mention a bunch of not-yet-published writers I can't wait to read.

    Hope you enjoy my vamps. I'm waiting on the cover for the first one. I imagine you will hear my squee all the way from New Brunswick.

  14. I can't wait for the next book in your SERVE & PROTECT series, Norah. I'm glad to hear there is one.

    There's a reason you were a Golden Heart finalist so many times — you write wonderfully well. There's something very fresh and clean about your voice that I really enjoy.

    Great interview!

  15. Thank you so much for stopping by, Pamela. And it so true about Norah writing wonderfully well! :)

  16. Pamela, Norah is having some technical issues posting, but she did want me to send you a message!

    NORAH: "Oh, wow, thanks, Pamela! Guys, Pamela is the author of the I-Team Series of contemporary romantic suspenses. Her current release BREAKING POINT kept me up way too late at night, and is blowing everyone away. Best book I've read this year! (And the hero is a very sexy ex-Navy SEAL turned Deputy US Marshal...)"

  17. beautiful job.
    it is always cool to learn from someone new and published.

    do you wish to contribute to our blog?

    let me know, we need someone who post biography book reviews on Saturdays biweekly.


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