Dirty Dancing

It was just a little over a week before "release day" for ENDLESS NIGHT when I escaped into the wilderness for a couple days...out of internet range. Gasp! I went to Lake Lure, North Carolina which many may not realize (myself included) was the film location for Dirty Dancing. The cabin I rented even came with a complimentary Dirty Dancing DVD which I absolutely had to watch. Something about the atmosphere in this charming area brought that whole movie back, and even as you sit there listening to corny lines like, "I carried a watermelon" and the famous, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." I smiled like a school girl. So, pretty much that inane smile stayed glued on my face the whole time. 

Above you will see just one set of steps I climbed to get to Chimney Rock's peak. I have now been home two days and my legs are still on the mend. Below you will find a picture of the peak, and note that flimsy little staircase to reach it. Fortunately as I was climbing those stairs I was not viewing them from this angle or I would have started panicking.

But the view from the top was worth it, and again a smile lit up my face. Or it could have also been the 70mph winds blowing my cheeks back.

After braving the hike to the top, did I call it a triumph and stop? No. I then took yet another 45 minute trail to reach the falls below.  These waterfalls were used in a scene from Last of the Mohicans. There's something about walking through the woods and hearing the powerful sound of water nearby, but not seeing it.  And then suddenly you emerge from your 45 minute hike to see a splendid view like this. Of course down below you'll find that I am crouching because the legs are starting to betray me. Cursed legs!

And just when you thought I couldn't possibly exert more physical effort, I kayaked about a five mile round trip because I was looking for the steps where Jennifer Grey dances to Wipeout.  Fortunately you don't see any pictures of me reenacting that scene. Funny enough, they actually have boat tours there to reenact the "jump" scene in the lake.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I would definitely go back there. It brings back the charm of a different era. 

I guess you can say, "I had the time of my life."  :)


  1. We took a vacation there about 10 years ago. We had such a great time climbing up to the top of Chimney Rock, touring the Biltmore House and just relaxing in the beautiful setting. I had no idea about Dirty Dancing.

  2. What amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing. I so want a holiday right now...

    Hope the legs have recovered. Mine are aching just thinking about it. ;)

  3. Wynter - I guess the hotel scenes were filmed in NY state, but the lake scenes were at Lake Lure. It was just what I needed. Plus, with all the climbing I didn't feel so guilty about all the eating. :)

    Shirley - I neglected to mention that the cabin came with a hot tub out on the deck, so I guess I'm not allowed to complain about the muscles too much. :)

  4. Great pictures and it looks like you had a great time. It's just the sort of place I'd love to go to, especially as Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favourite films. Thanks for sharing. x

  5. I'm speechless. All those stairs! Great God, Girl! You ever heard the ZZ Top song: She got legs? OK, so I'm jealous. Last of the Mohicans is one of my favorite movies and after I watched it, I looked at the credits to see where it was filmed and saw it was in North Carolina. I have wanted to see those mountains ever since. Glad you got to go. Dirty Dancing? So did you?

  6. Wendy - Dirty Dancing is one of those guilty pleasures we all share. I hadn't seen the movie in years, and yet this past week I was little miss trivia, quoting, "Did you know the cast of Dirty Dancing stayed at the Lake Lure Inn and Spa? Did you know that Baby asked her Daddy for $250.00 on the 16th hole at the Rumbling Bald golf resort?" hahaha

    Brendan - When I was a weeeee little girl, I remember reading Last of the Mohicans and having a crush on Uncas.

  7. Wow - you go girl! Now you have legs of steel :) And, as I always say, everything important in life can be expressed by some quote or another from Dirty Dancing. "I did it all for NUTHIN!" being one I use quite often at work. LOL

  8. I envy you. Love that area and it's been too long since we were there.

  9. What gorgeous pictures! So glad you had a good time. It reminds me of the Mohonk Manor House in upstate NY. There's the stairs and trails to climb up to the top of the hill. The view is spectacular there as well.

    Welcome back!

  10. Betsy, I was a quotin' fool there. I was ready to do the Pechanga. I have no idea how to spell Pechanga, but I was ready to do it!

    Jeff - One downside to it all, Mr. Jeff. Gnats!

    Deb - I always wanted to go to Mohonk. It looks like a castle.


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