Consolation Prize

Life does not always come with a consolation prize.

My dear grandmother who is turning 93 in two weeks was recently playing 50/50 at the "Seniors" complex. They called out the number and she looked at her ticket with a delighted grin. Grabbing her cane and ambling up to the front of the room (Grandma moves quickly when it comes to winning money), she noticed that a woman was already standing at the table. She ignored the woman and handed over her ticket with the air of one who is about to become a milllionaire (the prize was $15.00).  The man behind the table took her ticket and looked at the number and politely said, "I'm sorry, the winning number is 5535, you have 5536."

Grandma looked at the ticket and then glanced at the woman next to her that was claiming the $15.00 pot.  Grandma looked at her ticket again in disbelief and turned around, moving very slowly back to the table. She later called me and cried, "I felt so bad."

I know, I know. What a terrible tale I am sharing, but I did have a point to make. Life doesn't always hand out consolation prizes....but I do!   On May 17th I will be giving away a copy of ENDLESS NIGHT on Carina Press's blog in celebration of my release day. If you are not lucky enough to win that copy, you have a second opportunity here to win one. On May 17th I will select a random commenter from this blog to win an ePub or PDF version of my romantic suspense novel, ENDLESS NIGHT.

Grandma is excluded from this contest. She already has a copy. :)


  1. Don't you worry about Grandma, Miss Toni. I tell her if she keeps winning at these things they're going to make her start paying taxes! :)

  2. LOL! Give Granny a book, for God's sake;-)


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