Lake George

As a child we always took family vacations up to Lake George and the Adirondacks.  I remember being able to say, "Adirondacks" long before I could manage mundane words such as "cat".

In my romantic suspense, BORROWED TIME I revisit Lake George and once again see the steamboat Minne-Ha-Ha.  It looked so majestic when I was a little tyke, and to think it's still cruising around that lake with its big red paddle wheel and billow of steam. There was also the resplendent Sagamore Resort, which transported you to the decadent era of the roaring 20's. You can just picture ladies in divine gowns walking its majestic grounds as the sound of Big Band music streams from inside its ballroom.

In BORROWED TIME I also visit Saratoga with its grand racetrack and mineral springs.  Basically, through the power of fiction I transported myself to another era.  My childhood.  Only this time, I am grown up and I have infused romance and suspense into all the haunts of my youth.  Fiction gives you these liberties.  Perhaps next time I will write a romantic suspense in Disney World! 


  1. Or how about a suspense thriller for the next one.... Mickey Gone Wild! Actually, the more I think of it, that could also be a romantic story-line...depending on your definition of WILD!! LOL

  2. We used to vacation near Lake George as well. Beautiful area, as is Saratoga (but way too cold in the winter!) Any info you need about Disney World - I'm your gal;-)
    I can't wait to read Borrowed Time and visit familiar places.


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