Coming this May!

I am generally quiet, but I finally have some exciting information to share.  This Spring, my romantic suspense novel, ENDLESS NIGHT will be published by Carina Press, the digital division of Harlequin.

The title was up for some debate.  Ultimately, my editor played a big role in the decision process.  Taken from a simple quote in the book, "That night was endless.  It still hasn't ended." ENDLESS NIGHT was born.

I'm going to be so happy when it's May and I can share this novel with you.  Trust me, I'll keep everyone posted with the steps along the way.  :)  Keep this quote in mind every day... 

"We read.  We write.  We Dream." 


  1. Maureen,

    That's spectacular news! Congratulations. I'm very happy for you.


  2. Congrats... you know, it could have been Endless Nights from the Heart :-)

  3. Yes, BS, I seem to remember you having a post about that! :)

    At least it doesn't have "Rogue" in the title...oh wait, I have a book with Rogue in the title. sheesh! hahahaha


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