Borrowed Time

Why must my books always be so cold?

Frigid and tempestuous weather invokes more atmosphere and just seems to breed suspense.  And for the romantic aspect, it gives your characters a reason to warm up!  Maybe it is just that I like the control of having my poor heroine battle a nor'easter while I sit in my cushy central-heated oasis.  Maybe it's easier for my characters to feel a snowflake on their outstretched finger than a stroke of sunshine.

Of course there is still no accounting for my tropical segue, ROGUE WAVE (too many mai tais), but traditionally you can count on me to make you bundle up before reading one of my novels.

On that note, I would like to share my latest romantic suspense with you.  BORROWED TIME

An accident on a frozen highway brings two strangers together. 

Brian Morrison has no recollection of what placed him on that icy stretch hundreds of miles from home. In his line of business, memory loss was unacceptable and accountability was crucial. 

Upon her parents’ death, Emily Brennan became the sole guardian of her brilliant, yet eccentric brother. Her devotion to protect him from a world that shunned the abnormal made her do the unthinkable. She stole designs from National Marine Dynamics…and now she was on the run. 

Only an hour from the promise of safety, Emily witnesses the car behind her spin out of control on an icy stretch of highway. Fear dictated that she should flee, but the body slumped on the shoulder of the road appealed to her humanity. 

Emily and Brian are two strangers thrown together by an errant patch of ice. Would the truths of their identities tear them apart or would they unite in battle against an egomaniac that threatened the safety of innocent civilians.