What am I doing?

People have been asking if I sit at my window and count grass blades or if I'm actually working on something new. With my eyes, I'm lucky if I can even see the grass let alone count the blades...so yes, I am working on a new book. Some of you have already heard inklings of it, but here's a preliminary scope of the project.


Demoted to a New York newspaper deskjob after photographing something he was not supposed to, war photojournalist, Mitch Hasslet is assigned the mundane task of shooting a shipment of rare Mayan artifacts departing the country. What should have been routine, turns into a disaster as he becomes the sole witness of the cargo's heist.

Frustrated with the multi-national politics involved in tracking down the shipment, the enigmatic director of the Museum of Art and Antiquties recruits Mitch and sends him to the last traced location of the shipment. Guatemala. Under the guise of representing the museum, Mitch's cover is to join the ranks of an archeological dig and use the opportunity to search for the guerillas responsible for the heist. His incentive...money...and the means to return to the job he loves.

Alexandra Langley is about to run out of funds. She has yet to locate the lost Mayan temple she knows lurks in the jungles and she refuses to succumb to failure and have her Father, THE Professor Langely preach that there is only one archeologist in the family. If she has to accept the Musuem’s latest lackey in order to achieve her grant, she will deal with the photographer, Mitch Hasslet and any other obstacle tossed her way.

What Mitch and Alex do not realize is that they are pawns in a far greater scheme.

With her latest search unproductive, Alex must take her group into the sector labeled Dead Man’s Land on the map, an area to which archeologists have ventured, but never returned. In this unchartered land, she will do everything in her power to save her students, as well the annoying photographer she is falling in love with.

If you would like to read more, there is a sample of the (as it is thus far) first chapter on my website. http://www.maureenamiller.com/index.php?p=1_10