Dying Online

No, it's not the title of a new murder mystery. Perhaps it is a morbid subject, but it's also an interesting one. In this new venue of maintaining online presence, what happens when you're gone?

Policies are being put into effect with social sites, but they are riddled with complications. For example, one site unmentioned may not listen to the wishes of a family member unless that family member is on the "friend" list. I love my parents dearly, but they are not on my "friend" list.

As an author it is interesting to note the policies being put into place now for ebooks. What happens to them if something happens to you? Plans are in effect where authors can arrange to have their earnings donated to charity if the books go on selling.

I am counting on achieving Elvis Presley status after I pass on, so those books are going to be flying off the e-shelf! Considering that I sometimes drive without my glasses on, I guess I better get myself prepared. :)