We all have to start out somewhere. As I pointed out on my website, mine began with the infamous Super Watermelon Man.

Please be liberal and bear in mind that I was about ten or eleven when I wrote this, but you could tell from this nail-biting introduction that I was destined for great Romantic Suspense novels!!!


  1. OK, so this Watermelon guy... er, what's-his-name, is like some kind of, you know, like a super superhero or is he like just a regular superhero, cause if he's like, you know, a super superhero, then I'd like to, you know, read a little more about him, you know? So, like where is the rest of the, you know, the rest of the story?

  2. Maureen, I'm amazed you still have it! That's hysterical. I wish I had my first short story I write back in HS, got glowing reviews from my English teacher. Alas, I'll have to wait for reviews of my current novels instead.

    OK, now that you've teased us with the opening, you need to have a post devoted to this story!


  3. Hahaha, tease you with riveting excerpts each week from Super Watermelon man?? I would be mortified! What I found funny was that the writing was all nice and neat in the beginning, and by the fourth page my letters got to be an inch high. :)

  4. Were you trying to make the story seem longer? You must have secretly known about word counts even back then. Oh, the things we try to do with our writing!


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