On a buoy

About a year ago there was a story in a local Tampa newspaper that didn't get much publicity, and yet it struck such a poetic chord with me.

A man fell off a cruise ship. The ship kept going and eventully pulled into port without anyone knowing he was missing. After falling off, the man had been hit by a boat and finally managed to swim to a buoy. He crawled up on it and sat there waiting.

Can you see him...waving, saying, "Uhhh...guys? Hey guys?! Remember me? Guys?"

A pilot boat finally saw him and saved him. But ask yourself, how many times have you felt like the man on the buoy?

It actually makes for the perfect Facebook status. "On a buoy."


  1. I can sympathize. Some days I'm the one "on a buoy," but luckily not all the time.

    Whenever I hear something like this, it always makes me think. "Why would anyone get close enough to the railing to fall over board? Really, what were you thinking?"

  2. More likely, "What were you drinking?" :)

  3. Those buoys come in handy when you decide to take a dip off a cruise ship. How do you fall off a cruise ship? Well, I suppose if you're playing "King of the world" it could happen. I prefer to finish the cruise on the ship.

    I agree, What was he drinking?!!


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