Oh no you didn't!

Modern technology is wonderful, except for the inevitable glitch. This of course, is not a malady exclusive to authors. From time to time the dreaded data-eating dragon flies away with your hard work clutched in its greedy talons.

I personally know of one author who lost months (I don't think you can put a timeline on your precious chapters) of work with an innocent enough glitch.

I'd love to blame technology, but when I moved, I decided there was no reason to carry six old heavy manuscripts with me, when I had them backed up onto CD's. So I walked them over to the dumpster, and yes, voluntarily HEAVED them.

You got it...when I put those CD's in now, it pops up with a big message that says "You fool...all data is lost", press OK to continue or "CANCEL" to quit. Six manuscripts. Imagine the loss to the romance-reading world! hahaha

Has anyone else experienced a data, or self-inflicted, or Kathy Bates with a match tale of loss?


  1. OH Nooooooo! Seriously... Noooo... I am so sorry Maureen... no flashdrives or anything?

  2. Ohhhhhhh, yessssss!! I have lost entire chapters and more, but not entire manuscripts. I did lose half a book on a floppy, however just recently that I was trying to save to a flashdrive. It stopped at chapter twenty. I finally found the old paper version and all not totally lost, but I'll have to spend a lot of time just entering it again.

  3. I, too, have experienced this terrible tragedy. And like you, Miss Miller, I cry not for myself, but for all humanity... hmmm.

  4. We are selfless, Mr. Brendan :)

    At least my boxes were lighter!!

    Miss Merry, one of the books was Eye of the Sun which I am completely re-writing from nothing more than a vague recollection.

    To this day I still close my eyes during that scene in Misery. It's much worse than the ankles.

  5. Oh no, Maureen! I am so sorry. Misery is right! You have put the fear of the computer god in me. I'm going to get out my flash drive and back up the books I have on here that aren't finished. I am in panic mode now. OCD has kicked in, gotta go! Aaarggrh!

  6. I accidently deleted a short I had finished for my newest book. $70 later I was able to recover all but the ending of it, which I had to rewrite. Besides that, I keep multiple backups of work in several different locations, including an online archive. Having been working on computers since 1988, I've developed a healthy dose of paranoia.


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