Need glasses!

It's Friday, and this is what I look like.

To all who have had a tough week, this is your opportunity to sit back and relax. If you had a rough time, feel free to vent!


  1. Thats my Monday morning look! I have more of a smile on Friday. Weekend you know. Not that we ever do anything on the weekend but at least my husband who is my best friend is home with me,along with Libby our daughter, and the four dogs. I love my weekends!

  2. And I thought the frog picture was bad. I hope you are kidding. If you really looked like that someone would be wanting to put you in an aquarium and feed you pellets or something and it would be hard for you to drink Allagash Beer underwater! LOL

  3. I think I should just title that picture "Zoinks!"

    Notice the big circles under my eyes. Definite sign of insomnia. :)

    Happy Saturday everyone!

  4. I didn't want to bring undue attention to those little circles. They aren't all THAT bad. Take a look a my blog. You might like it.

  5. Hey! It's deja vu all over again and Friday... at least for me and you look just like you did last Friday... maybe it's something in the water cooler, eh?


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