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I went to a college football game this past weekend, and they had the 'alumni' marching band on the field. Translation, people who still have their instruments in the closet and actually know how to do something with them.
My Grandmother often asks me, "Do you still play your clarinet?" To which I respond with a hearty, "Yes, of course!" hahahaha
I believe I posted on a board that if I attempted to play that instrument, it would sound remarkably like a cat being stepped on by an elephant.
I never took it seriously (hope my parents don't read this). If anyone knows about a clarinet, there's a very thin line between hitting the real high notes...and squeaking. Me and my trusty sidekick, Timmy used to just squeak on purpose and not even attempt the notes. The director would look out into the band because he sensed something afoul, but he never quite caught us.
So worry not, my friends, I will not be participating in any alumni marching bands any time soon.


  1. Is this an old/different/repeat/deja vu or did I read this somewhere else somewhere else somewhere? I'm so tired I can't remember. What did I say? I love clarinets, too. I think they make excellent guard dogs, but they shed in the summer. I heard you have to know how to 'reed' to have them. LOL. Squawk... squeak... yes, I remember those anonymous noises in the midst of our masterpieces. So now I know the truth. I played trombone and excelled at reaching out and touching the person marching in front of me. Once, we did a 'to-the-rear-march' and the idiot tuba player behind me (who heckled me mercilessly) fell on his face in the mud. I, like any good marching band member, marched right up over him and his tuba, squooshing him in the mud. He was in the last rank and so everyone behind me all the way to the twirlers followed suit because I am a natural born leader. HA! HA!

  2. Well, I made a comment a few days ago that apparently, somehow, didn't make it in. So, I'll try again. I get the same result when I play a recorder - an unearthly squeak, and I have no idea how anyone plays anything on them. The title for your blog entry happens to be the same title as my favorite Spongebob episode... if you can believe that. lol

  3. Spongebob has some amazing orchestration at times :) It also has unearthly squeaks. Actually, my uniform looked remarkably similar to his.

    And Mr. Brendan...were you marching behind me!!!!


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