Wrong Turn

I recently took a road trip and was reminded of all the wonderful things I have witnessed on the highways of this fine country of ours.

I've passed glamorous establishments, such as the Git n' Scram in Oklahoma. The Onion Museum in Georgia. There was the bar in Texas with saddles instead of bar stools. In West Virginia I was fortunate enough to not require a visit to "Lucky Eye Care". And just recently I found myself on I-95 where Pedro told me "It's chili today, but hot tamale!"

If you ever have to travel for business, make it an adventure. Take note of all those quirky little sites you pass.

Does anyone have any roadside adventures to share? Some hidden gems from remote single-lane highways in nowhere America?


  1. I, for one, have many adventures on the road. Unfortunately, I can't usually remember them especially when I'm lying in the bed of the pickup, passed out. LOL. Loved the sign post. I have seen some real doozies. I'm going to have to start taking some pictures.


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