Perhaps my favorite food in the entire universe is mashed potatoes. If I were to be stranded on a deserted island and the only source of food was mashed potatoes, I'd live a long, rich life.
That said, I'm not great at preparing them. If I try to make the 'real' thing...well, let's just say, I'm still picking mashed potato bits off the ceiling from my escapade with the blender.
So that is why God invented microwave mashed potatoes. He looked down one day and said "Let me give this woman one blessing in life. I shall created microwave mashed potatoes."
...and then there was peace throughout the land.


  1. I have an entire collection of little wind-up guys like those. I shall have to post a few pictures of them and give them their fifteen minutes of fame. As for mashed a'taters as I used to call them. My mom used to send me on my bicycle to the store with a quarter to buy a packet of French's Instant taters for supper when she ran out of the real thing. I simply adored French's Mashed a'taters and I thought it was magic the way they materialized in the bowl when she added water. I always have a supply of instant taters in the cupboard in case I get in the mood for them.

  2. I'm a little like Bubba cause I do them baked, fried, boiled, mashed, smashed and any other way I can think to cook them. I also have the instant on hand just in case I run out of the raw. Potatoes are good!!


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