Picture for the Day

The fact that I'm posting this picture at 8 in the morning is probably disturbing...but alas, I am not condoning early morning consumption of alcohol unless you're in Australia, in which case it would be late night here. (There was some random logic there).

Anyway, I located and purchased a bottle of Allagash and now it sits in my refridgerator (I don't even know if you're supposed to refridgerate it...it looks warm in this picture???)

For those of you who don't know, Allagash is the beer of choice of one of the characters in WIDOW'S TALE. It is brewed in Maine and now it sits in my refridgerator for me to oggle and determine just what cataclysmic event will finally make me open it.

Or, it may simply become decor.


  1. That's very interesting. I have studied this picture for color, intensity, clarity and content and have come to the conclusion that the beer is, indeed, cold and ready to drink. Ahhh, yes, I just sipped it and it is actually quite tolerable. I would recommend to all my friends, both real and imaginary! Ha!


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