My muse

I think the topic has come up with writers as to whether they have a muse or not. Well, I have Chinchilla.

I know, you look at this little dude and you say to yourself, "That's not a Chinchilla. That's a $2.00 squeaky dog toy."
Yes, well beside the fact that he would pummel you in the head with his tiny paws for calling him that...this is no ordinary dog toy. This is my buddy.
He is also a jetsetter. It is his worldliness that lends itself to my writing.
You don't believe me...


  1. You can't fool me. That's a real chinchilla, but my Pug could be good friends with him. You know you really scared me about the penguin. I've been looking under the bed and everywhere for it. But is that a Buganeer thing in the background? Hmmmm?

  2. Relatives?

  3. Distant. Cousin d'Artagnan Chinchilla and his brood. :)


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