Driving to work this morning I notice this unwanted passenger in the back seat. He doesn't say anything, but as you can tell, he appears quite miffed that I did not want to share his large fries and quadruple burger at 6:00am.
I tried throwing a blanket over him, but he stuck his furry orange arm and three fat fingers out and tantalized me with an M&M blizzard.
I'm human. There is a breaking point. Even if that breaking point comes before the sun has fully risen.
Curse you, little orange unwanted backseat passenger!


  1. OMG! That is what I have told Brendan at least ten times that his Hobgobblins look like in my mind! He's that Weight Watcher Monster right? I was wondering what Orange Monster you were talking about... you are absolutely hilarious! Have a good day and forget about Shrek... he's probably all slimey and green right? Well, even if he's not, try not to wipe that image outta your head when ya gotta deal with him... it should at least have you looking for Donkey and listening for Eddie Murphy to start talking to him! Ha!

  2. I am not surprised to see this fellow in your car. He was in mine just the other day with a orange cream slush from Sonic, taunting me until I beat him with a flyswatter and took the thing away from him. LOL


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