Gonna need a bigger boat

Remember the 'Barnacles' post?
That shark was so mad at me for punching him in the nose, he swam through fresh water, waited for a flood, and is now working his way down my road!!!!!


  1. That's one of my favorite movie lines, Miss Miller. Ever so often, I'll say that to people when things are going really bad. Some of them get it, some don't. Great post.

  2. I absolutely love Roy Scheider in that movie. The scene where Richard Dreyfus brings him a bottle of wine and he opens it and pours it straight into his big iced tea glass....hahaha---that's classic!

    You know, one of these days I'm actually going to post something about writing or about my books on here! :)

  3. Why ya wanna go and do sumthin' silly like that for??? Huh??? I love this stuff much better... let em get there free sample if they wanna know more about the book. We wanna know about YOU! We want to get in your head... please let us in... You are the BEST at doing this stuff, keep it up, between you and Brendan, I shall not have a boring day!


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