Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Newark Tornadoes

I'm wearing a Newark Tornadoes jersey today. Who or what are the Newark Tornadoes, you ask?

They were an NFL football team for two years in 1929-1930.  My grandfather played for the Tornadoes for two games in the 1930 season and then suffered a career-ending injury.  That injury (torn ACL) can be remedied by surgery now, and players are generally back on the field in less than a year.

Two games. One snap. It was enough to put my grandfather's name on NFL.com.  For those of you who know me, you know that I am an avid football fan. Now you understand why. Of course, my grandfather and I strongly disagreed about the Buccaneers. :)

Here's the handsome fellow back in his heyday. He looks primed for a NIKE commercial!

I imagine there are very few people left who will know or remember the Newark Tornadoes.  But today I'm wearing their jersey.  I know.  I remember.  All hail football! Miss you, Grandpa!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Time In A Bottle

Here's a question...

If you could save time in a bottle, what room would you put the bottle in?

My answer will be my office because that is the room that time travels the quickest in.  I could be standing in the kitchen preparing dinner at 5pm, and then cross the threshold into the office... Wwooooshhh  Time has progressed four hours in the blink of an eye!

What room would you place your bottle of captive time?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maureen? Really?

For Throwback Thursday I'm going back....waaaay back. I'm going back to about six months before I was born. At that time I was prophesied to be Jill Miller.  It had a nice flow to it. I liked the name Jill. And for six months that was my destiny.

Mind you, both my parents have brown hair and brown eyes. One summer day I popped out with blue eyes and bright white hair. Dad took one look at me and said, "Ohhhh, I guess we'll name her Maureen."  

And so I grew up with a name that spawned inventive tags like Moron. LOL  I can recall a time as a teenager when a boy came up to me and said, "Is your name seriously Maureen? Don't you go by something else?"  Actually, he wasn't too far off base. Everyone in the family has a nickname for me. Many of my friends don't call me Maureen. There are even a group of talented authors who have been calling me Gladys for a number of years, but that's a story for another time...

And then there was the spelling.  I will answer to Maurine, Moreen, Marian, Marine (on the last one I usually offer a salute).  

In Spanish class there was no quaint translation for Maureen. To this day I can still hear my teacher yelling across the room, "MOWWW-REE-NAH!"  

I should state that I'm not Irish, which I believe is the origin of the name.  So there goes that excuse. 

But our name is our name. And when I look in the mirror I don't see Jill Miller. I see Maureen. She's blonde, blue-eyed and kind of stupid looking. But she can play three notes on a guitar and she can achieve one chin-up (some days). 

To all the Maureens in the world. I salute you. And I can spell your name! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Like Romantic Suspense? Like A Deal?

12 full-length Romantic Suspense novels by a bevvy of bestselling authors...for only 99 cents!  DANGEROUS DOZEN is now available for pre-order at this limited-time special price!

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To Catch Her Man by Charity Pineiro, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Investigative reporter Sylvia Amenabar must decide between friendship, love and discovering the truth behind a cop's murder… Undercover detective Carlos Ramirez nearly lost his life protecting Sylvia, but he knows it'll be a fight to reach her heart. . . Can they learn to trust one another and find out the truth about a failed assignment that nearly killed Carlos? Or will the secrets of the past and family issues cost them the things they hold most dear. 

I'll Be Watching You by Tina Wainscott, New York Times Bestselling Author. Ten years ago, Kim left her steamy Everglades town under a cloud of murder and scandal. Her gran brings her back to reclaim her home and unearth the truth…while a killer watches her every move. 

Bedeviled by Maureen Child, USA Today Bestselling Author. A *faerie* funny paranormal. 

Protective Custody by Paige Tyler, USA Today Bestselling Author. Someone is stalking reporter Paisley McCoy, and police detective Gray Beckham is the only man who can protect her. While the chemistry between them is undeniable, there's no way he's going near the captain's daughter, and she had a hard and fast rule that says she doesn't date cops. Can they both survive the stalker who's coming after them long enough to realize how good they are together? 

There's a New Witch in Town by Tawny Weber, USA Today Bestselling Author. Her magic, his town, their love... is it enough? Or will a witch just regaining her powers have to choose between saving a cursed town, or giving up everything she's come to care about? 

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Dark Tide Rising by Kristin Miller, National Bestselling Author. Police Sergeant Mark Thurgood is all work and no play, but he's harboring secrets that tie him to the vengeful sea. Free-spirited Emily McAllister is haunted by premonitions, and the latest shows her death in a dark coastal cave. Can they put their desires aside to focus on the task at hand and find the killer before he finds her? 

Big Bad Wolf by Gennita Low. On the run from shadowy enemies, a secret agent finds sunlight and love while working undercover for a female roofer. 

Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb. She's been on the run for 14 years. He's been sent to bring her home, dead or alive. A boy's life depends on what happens next. Can they overcome betrayal, lies and violence to find what they've always wanted? 

High Tide by Maureen A. Miller. A couple locked in a struggle to protect the coast...and their lives.

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Friday, December 13, 2013


It is here! The third installment in the BEYOND series, THREE PATHS is now available!

When I wrote BEYOND, I thought it would be a fun adventure. A teenager takes her dog for a walk and suddenly gets picked up by an alien spaceship. At first it seemed a comical concept to me. But for poor Aimee, who suddenly finds herself in outer space--she didn't see the comedy in it. She was a fighter, though.  She didn't curl up in a ball and cry (as I probably would have done). Even at the age of seventeen, she proved to be resourceful and stubborn. 

As BEYOND was coming to a close, I realized that Aimee's adventure couldn't possibly be over.  She was in love with a gorgeous warrior. How could I, the big bad author, leave these literally star-struck lovers apart? Aimee had to go back and find the man she loved. TWO SUNS was a rough journey for both of them. And now it is time for Zak to experience life on Earth.  THREE PATHS takes me back to my roots, as it is more of a romantic suspense novel than science fiction.  We will call it Romantic Suspense, where two of the characters just happen to be from another planet. Heck, we all have aliens living next door to us, right? 


Aimee Patterson is coming home...but this time she is not alone.

After spending years in space on an alien ship, Aimee Patterson is finally coming home. But this time she is not alone. Her lover Zak wants to meet her parents, and her friend Raja wants to experience life on Earth. Both get more than they ever bargained for.

Within days of being on Earth, Raja is caught up in an FBI sting operation. She is intrigued by Special Agent Craig Buchanan, but things go horribly wrong. Raja is faced with a dilemma. Save Agent Buchanan’s life or risk revealing her true identity.

It was supposed to be an innocent trip to Earth.... now Aimee, Zak, and Raja are fugitives of the ultimate kind.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Something you might not know about me is that in my former life (fresh out of school), I was a travel agent.  One of my first "fam" trips (they call them familiarization trips) was to Hawaii. Imagine me, the recluse, thrown in with a group of 20 travel agents I don't know...even having to share a room with one of them! Well, it's amazing how a couple of pina coladas can bring strangers together. :)  

We went to the Halekulani at night to watch a performance by the pool.  The maitre d' saw 20 women, and immediately placed us in the farthest recesses of the area so as not to be seen by their patrons. Hey, it was only two pina coladas! Well, we spoke up and stated that we were travel agents there to evaluate the property. Ding Ding Ding! Suddenly, we were moved to the front table before the stage. LOL

On this trip, I climbed Haleakulu (in a minivan). Did you know that they wake you at 4am so that you can watch the sun rise atop a volcano crater?  Did you know that they ask you to take the blankets from your hotel bed with you because who the heck goes to Hawaii prepared for 30 degree weather atop a volcano at 5am??? Did you know that the drive to the top of the volcano is filled with enough twists and turns that they hand out crackers because they anticipate that you will throw up?  But hey, it really was beautiful when the sun came up.

Pina coladas aside, my drink of choice in Hawaii was Kona coffee. OH MY GOD...it was perfect. I had hit the coffee mecca.  Sitting on a lovely Hawaiian beach, I was drinking coffee! Hot coffee! What a freak.

Anyway, the islands stuck with me, and their tale manifested into HIGH TIDE.

Wanna get away?

U.S. Geological Survey expert, Nick McCord, cannot account for the strange phenomenons plaguing the Windward coast of Oahu. Breaking waves on a windless shore. Dead fish washing up on the sand. The only viable culprit for these anomalies is the new housing development, Manale Palms, and its attractive contractor, Briana Holt. Try as he might to find blame with Briana and her site, the truth remains a mystery. 

Briana Holt portrays herself to the outside world as a woman in charge. In reality she is burdened with insecurities, and one of those insecurities is over six-feet tall. Intent on defending her property from Nick's suspicions, she starts to dig deep into the peculiar episodes along the coast. 

Nick and Briana's mutual curiosity makes them allies, and their mutual attraction makes them lovers. Now, as they narrow in on the source of the mystery, they find themselves in a struggle to protect the coast...and their lives. 

Find HIGH TIDE on Amazon.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Science Fiction?

Science Fiction from a romantic suspense author? What is she thinking?

As authors, we are branded...kind of like cattle. :)  I have a big RS stamp on my rump. And yet, I dared to venture into a different pasture and write science fiction. But how far did I stray, really? 

Aimee Patterson is accidentally taken from her back yard by a nomadic spaceship and whisked away on an adventure in the stars. She visits another planet. She battles alien creatures. She learns new cultures...where's the Romantic Suspense?

Zak. Need I say more? 

Romantic Suspense criteria:

  • Good looking guy - check!
  • Mutual attraction and tension - check!
  • Suspense and danger around every corner - check!

Romantic tension can take place in Chicago, Paris, or the planet Ziratak.  It's all relevant, right? :)

BEYOND was written solely in the point of view of Aimee, however TWO SUNS introduces Zak's thoughts. For such a dark and damaged guy, he actually has moments of wit and humor. LOL

What happens when one of your favorite authors ventures to another pasture? Does it alarm you? Do you try to corral them back into their pen?